What's In My Bag?

I have been on the hunt for the perfect city bag for quite some time. After searching for a few weeks, I finally found 'The One!' I found my beautiful city bag at Target. I love the brown with the grey. Not only is it gorgeous, but it is so functional because if it size and looks very professional. Here's a peak at what I keep in my bag.

1. My planner and a pen 2. A book I am currently reading 3. Wallet 4. Makeup bag 
5. Mints 6. Sunglasses

What I keep in my makeup bag:
1. L' Occitane in Cherry Blossom hand lotion 2. Victoria's Secret body spray in Secret Charm 3. Hand sanitizer
 4. Tissues 5. Extra hair band 6. Clinique foundation for touch ups
7. Baby Lips in Peach Kiss 8. Tide To Go pen 9. E.L.F check stain 10. Wisps

My bag holds so much and still has room for a folder and some notebooks for when school starts! Thank goodness for Target! What do you keep in your everyday bag? Do you also use it as your school bag?