You Smell Lush-ly

I bought a bunch of little goodies from Lush forever ago! A store opened in my mall and I was so excited when I saw it, I dragged my girlfriend in with me and went a little crazy. I picked up a few bath bombs and love each one's delicious smell.

The bath bomb smells like candy! I am looking forward to using this because when it fizzes it moves around the bathtub- just like a rocket! And it turns colors! It starts out blue then turns yellow and then green!

Rose Queen
Of course, I had to get a bath bomb called Rose Queen. I love the smell of roses. This smells like a rose garden and it has real rose petals in it!

Space Girl
This bath bomb smells sweet and delicious. It is made with grapefruit oil which refreshed and tones. There is a popping candy in it that fizzes and crackles in the water. I love that these bombs smell pretty and are fun!

The Mum Bubble Bar 
I cannot describe how amazing this bubble bar smells. I feel like I am sitting in the middle of a field full of tulips when I smell this. What I really like about this bar is that you can use it more than once, which is very exciting because I definitely want this bubble bar to last! 

The weather has been beautiful lately so I haven't wanted to jump in the bath, but on the next rainy day I will be relaxing with a bath bomb and a good book.