Mix & Match

This summer, instead of buying three or four new bathing suits, I'm going to work with what I have. There is a simple and affordable way to get three (or more) suits by just switching the top or the bottom. Mix and match. If you have one suit that you love, you can create various looks just by changing the top of bottom. If your favorite suit is a pattern, find solid tops or bottoms that work with the colors in the pattern. For example, if you have a floral pattern suit (like the one above), you can not only wear it with the matching bottom, but you could mix it with a solid red, blue, or yellow. You could also use a patterned bottom and pair it with a solid top. If you don't know if you should wear a pattern on top or bottom , go by your body type. I am well endowed in the upper part of my body, so I prefer to wear a solid top to give the illusion that my girls are a bit smaller, and by doing so, it puts the focus more on my lower half because I have on a fun patterned bottom.
Depending on the suits you already have in your collection, you might not have to buy anything new this summer. But if you don't have anything that would work together, just find one or two suits you would want to mix and match then buy a piece or two to play around with. That way instead of buying two whole new suits, you could spend about 30 dollars on two pieces and have 4 new bikinis to hit the pool or beach in.  This money saving trip is especially great if you have any summer vacations planned. Don't spend all your money on new suits, just create new looks with what you already have!