Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pastel Polishes

When the seasons change, I like to place the nail polishes I'm loving on a little silver platter that I picked up a few years ago from a dollar store. It adds the perfect touch to my dresser and makes displaying my polishes fun and fancy. Right now I have my favorite pastel polishes in front, and my neon polishes, that I can't wait to rock this summer, in the back. I am adoring the pastel trend right now.

{Revlon Top Speed in Peachy, OPI Pink of Hearts, Essie Mint Candy Apple, Avon Vintage Blue, Revlon Charming}

I am currently wearing Revlon Charming. I love the color just as much as the name. I'm off to movie followed by dinner with a girlfriend I haven't seen in ages. I am very excited! What are your plans for the evening, and what polishes are you loving right now?


Hanna said...

I love Essie! My fav is a soft pink called Muchi Muchi. I want to love OPI but it seems like they always disappear from my nails too quickly.

Hello from another Buffalo girl! xo

MaryElizabeth said...

Hello! I cannot believe you are from Buffalo as well! How great!

I am becoming an Essie lover, OPI is ok, but I think Essie is great! :)