NYC Brunch

Saturday was probably my favorite day spent in the city. I was able to spend the whole day with my great friend from college, Emily. We wandered for hours going here, there, and everywhere, and had a blast. The weather was beautiful that day,so a light sweater was all we needed until about dusk.
I meet Emily at her dorm around noon so she could show me around before we headed out to grab lunch. Our first stop was this great restaurant called The Penny Farthing. We stopped in for a bite to eat before we began our day long adventure. I am used to having lunch around noon, but in the city, noon on a Saturday equals brunch. I had never had a NYC brunch, but always wanted to see what all the hullabaloo was about. I was so excited when we were handed a menu filled with delicious brunch options. It took us an abnormal amount of time to decide on what we wanted. When we finally did come to a decision, neither one of us could wait for our plates to arrive. Our meals included a mimosa, which was my favorite part. While we waited and as we ate, we chatted about how we were doing, our families, and all sorts of things. It was so nice to catch up and reminisce on out crazy college memories. The food, the drink, the company, and the environment made for a perfect NYC brunch.