Buttery Soft Lips

I have been meaning to put up this post for some time, but things just kept getting in the way. But I have some free time now before my girlfriend and I head out to her favorite NYC flea market. (Yes, I am in the city!) I picked up the Raspberry Pie Revlon Lip Butter at my local Ulta a few weeks ago. I had heard great things about the lip butters since it seemed like everyone was reviewing them, so I had to give them a try. When I found the lip butters, they were very picked threw. Clearly, they have been flying of the shelves. I always gravitate towards plummy pink colored lips, so naturally I picked Raspberry Pie. I went home and used it later that night for a out with some friends. As soon as I pit it on, I knew I was going to have to purchase more colors. The feel was so smooth and soft. The color was gorgeous and my lips felt so hydrated! Everything they claim in the ads is true!

A few days later, I received a coupon in the mail from Ulta and off to that wonderfully dangerous store I went. I picked up two more lip butters, Cherry Tart and Peach Parfait. I love Cherry Tart. It is another great red that I am so happy to have in my collection. I have definitely worn this color the most. I like the soft color of Peach Parfait, but I am not a fan of the glitter so I haven't worn this color more than once. I am a bit disappointed I didn't take a more careful look, but I am thinking this will be a good summer color. Shimmer and summer seem like a good combination.
Have you jumped on the lip butter bandwagon? What are your favorite colors?

Stay tuned for many NYC posts to come!