Superbowl Sunday = Double Funday

Superbowl XLVI

Who are you rooting for? Can you guess who I want to win? ;)

I love football season and I LOVE the Superbowl. Not because my team ever makes it (that would be a miracle), but because its a great reason to get everyone together, sit on a couch, eat yummy snacks, and yell at the TV for 4 hours. Oh, and don't forget about the hilarious commercials!
Today, I am going to my girl friend's house for a potluck style gathering. There will be beer, buffalo, chicken wing dip, taco dip, beer, football, chips & dip, beer, and a special treat I am bringing. Oh, and did I mention beer... Ha! I am quite excited for this evenings festivities, and what makes it more enjoyable- I don't have to work tomorrow! Yay! It has been a while since I have been able to enjoy a night with some friends and a cold beer... or 5.
What are you doing for Superbowl XLVI? Check out my yummy treat inspired by a picture I found on Pinterest.