January Favorites!

I never posted a Favorites for last month, and these are one of my favorite posts to write and read! So, for January I made sure to pay extra attention to what I was loving and made sure to snap a pic. I don't have many January favs, but this may be my favorite of all my monthly favorites! (Does that make sense? I hope so.)

1. In the month of January, I was (and still am) on a crazy magazine kick. There were so many great faces on the covers this past month! Reese was on the cover of Elle, which I am so excited to be receiving each month for the next year courtesy of my best friend. The perfect Christmas present. Taylor Swift was on the cover of Vogue. Nina Dobrev was on the cover of Nylon! OMG! So many amazing ladies! What a great month for magazines!
2. In the beginning of January, I went to Florida for a week to visit my mom. She moved down there over the Summer and for my Christmas present she bought me a round trip ticket to see her. It was so nice to see my mom and enjoy the warm weather all at the same time. The picture you see is of my feet soaking up the sun on a hot January day on my mom's pontoon! We went out on the boat just about every day I was there! I could live on the water!
3. The last two weeks of January I must have painted my nails 4 times! I played around with colors and came up with some fun designs. My favorite is this two-toned blue design that is featured in a guest post on Arianne Cruz's blog. Check it out!
4. And last, but not least, my ultimate favorites from the month of January are my two most recent MAC purchases. I have used MAC Gingerly blush everyday since buying it. This will be a blush color I definitely purchase each time I run out. The lipstick, MAC Lustering, is amazing as well. I can't wait to wear this color all Summer! It's the perfect pink for my complexion.

What were your favorites for the month of January?