DIY: Valentine's Cards

Ever since I was a little girl, my mom always encouraged me to make homemade cards. She told me they mean more to people than any store bought card could. I am 22, almost 23, and I am still making homemade cards and I love doing it.
For Valentine's Day, I made a handful of cards and sent them out to my closet friends and family. I mostly used the card stock I had purchased for the Hearts on a String project, but I also had some paper left over, as well as some stickers I found in my craft box.

As you can tell, hearts were the theme of these cards. I made most of the cards in a postcard style, with a design on one side and a note on the other. I think that style is just as effective as the regular card, and easier to hang on a mirror, fridge, or where ever one keeps there cards. After I had exhausted using hearts and card stock, I decided yo step it up a notch and painted a few cards. The card in the right hand corner is one of my painted cards. It's not my best work, but I think it comes off as a mod heart pattern. I am planning on sending the painted cards to my mom and aunt. They will definitely appreciate them.
Do you ever make homemade cards?