DIY: Hearts on a String

I can't believe Valentine's Day is one week away! While I don't have a special man to celebrate this Hallmark holiday with, I do have a hot date with my best friend from high school that night! We are going to cook a delicious meal at home and then go see This Means War! I am so excited!
To be honest, I used to hate Valentine's Day (unless I was taken, of course), but over the years it has not bothered me so much. It's just another day. Plus, Valentine's Day doesn't just have to be about significant others. The past few years I have bought my closest friends little things. I love any opportunity to give someone a little something and what better day to do so than on Valentine's Day. This year I am being extra crafty with this DIY: Hearts on a String and a few homemade cards (DIY post coming soon). This DIY project is so simple, sweet, and inexpensive! Together, all the materials cost less than $5.00!

What You'll Need:

~Colored card stock
~ Twine
~ Tape & Scissors

All you have to do for this easy DIY is cut out any size and amount of hearts you desire. Once you have cut all your hearts, turn them face down, lay the length of twine you need on top of the hearts, and tape it to the back of the hearts. This project takes minutes and adds a lovely touch of sweet to any space.

How do you decorate for Valentine's Day? What plans do you have this year?