Twenty Twelve Resolutions

Happy New Year!!! I can't believe it's January 1st, 2012 already! Where did this last month go?! I rang in the new year with some of my closest friends at a low key party. I had a great time catching up while having a few drinks.

Well, no that it's the big 2012, it's time to make (and break) some New Years Resolutions. I don't have very many resolutions, but the few I do have, I truly plan on sticking with.

1.) Hit the gym! I signed up for a gym membership a few months again, and while I have been pretty good about going, I really want to make an effort to go 3 to 4 times a week. I have the time, I just need to energy and motivation. I love going to the gym and the way I feel after I get my workout on, it's just getting to the gym that's the hardest part.

2.) Budget and save mula! I need to start thinking about the future. Things like moving out, paying off loans, etc. will be taking place in the next few months. So I have to start saving more and spending less. So far, I have been very good. I used a majority of my Christmas money to pay off credit cards and have spent very little in the past two weeks. (I know it has not been very long, but hey, it's a start.) I plan on putting a large amount of my paycheck in my savings and not touching it. I also want to get down to one credit card. I currently have 4, but two are almost paid off and after I do that, I will cut them up and discard. Go me!

3.) Be more organized. I don't know what happened, but since moving back home over the Summer, I have become a very messy person. My room, closet, my car, and bookshelves are a disaster. This week I plan on cleaning and organizing everything and hopefully keeping it that way!

Well, there are my resolutions! What are yours?

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