New M.A.C. Products!

I am so excited to be adding new items to my M.A.C. collection that is slowly growing. And by slowly, I mean, very slowly. But it's all about baby steps, right? I have been wanting to purchase a new peachy blush. Every time I stepped into Ulta or a drug store I would look around, find one I liked, almost reach the register before putting it back. I am so indecisive. But it was mostly because as much as I am all about instant gratification, I was trying to work on my patience. I am in love with my M.A.C. blush in Fleur Power, and so I wanted to invest in another great M.A.C. blush. Aside from the blush, I also wanted to pick up a M.A.C. lipstick. I have been on a lipstick kick, and I love it.

After a wonderful consultant helped m, I went home with my two new favorite beauty products. The perfect peachy blush for glowing cheeks and a fun pink for playful lips. The blush is called Gingerly and the lipstick is Lustering. I m going to post a Face of the Day featuring both of these products very soon! Be on the look out!
What new beauty products have you picked up lately?