Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Olsen for ASOS

Twitter is seriously the best place to get all of my beauty and fashion info. I have discovered so many great websites, blogs, and the latest news on anything and everything. Yesterday, I found out Elizabeth Olsen is on the March cover of Asos magazine via @ELLEmagazine on Twitter. Elizabeth Olsen has been a hot topic for some time now. She blew many critics away in her performance in Martha Marcy May Marlene, which I am eager to see. Since then, she has made an impact on the red carpet as well as the silver screen. Asos must have been drawn to her bubbly personality, unique beauty and mature demeanor because they chose her to be featured in their March magazine. Here are some of the photos that will be featured in the March issue.

The second look is my favorite. I love the stripped sweater and the yellow detail on the shorts. I also love how the makeup artist made her skin look flawless, but at the same time gave her the barely there look. Elizabeth looks natural and relatable to the everyday girl.
I am so excited to see what she does next. I can definitely see her as the face of a big name designer in the future. Definitely keep your eyes out for this girl.

You can read the article and see more pictures here. Follow me on Twitter!

Monday, January 30, 2012

This vs. That: Dry Shampoo

I started using dry shampoo about two months ago. I was skeptical at first that it wouldn't work well, but my girlfriend had been using it and loved it, so I thought I would give it a try. So far I have tried two different brands and I wanted to do a this vs. that post to give you guys some insight into my dry shampoo experience.

The first dry shampoo I bought was TRESemme Freshstart. I had seen a few TRESemme Freshstart commercials featuring Ashley Benson so I thought, "Hey, what not? Plus Ashley Benson is in the commercial so it must be good stuff." That's advertising at work for ya. A few days later I ventured out to Target and picked up my first dry shampoo. To be honest, I was pretty excited to use this new, innovative product. A day or two later, my hair was not quite dirty, but not too clean. The perfect time to try out my dry shampoo.
I shook the bottle with all my might, pointed, and sprayed. I was a bit nervous about what I saw next. There was a white powdery substance all over my part! I freaked out for a good 10 seconds before using my common sense and rereading the directions. "...Leave in for 1-2 minutes. Brush out, then style." Okay, this white nonsense was just temporary. Plus, my hair is practically black, so that doesn't help much either. After a minute or two, I combed through my hair and not too much of the shampoo could be seen, but I definitely had to work it in a bit more before it was completely gone. Another thing I immediately noticed about the product was the smell. It smelled bad. But once I had applied, worked it through and styled my hair, my hair was looking fresh and full of body.
I was using TRESemme Freshstart almost every other day, especially on days I had to work early in the morning. I liked how the product worked, but the smell and the extra work of working in the product to avoid looking like my roots were turning grey was getting on my nerves. I decided to do a little research to see if there was a dry shampoo for dark hair. Lo and behold, there was! I ran to Ulta the next day and picked up Batiste Dry Shampoo with a hint of colour for dark and deep brown hair. I ended up using it later that day and was so pleased! Not only did the product blend right into my hair making it easy to comb through and hid any evidence, it smelled good too. The smell was fresh and subtle. Batiste does run a bit more expensive at $8.99 a bottle, but if you have dark hair and use dry shampoo enough, the price it worth it.
Overall, I will be using Batiste Dry Shampoo with a hint of colour from here on out. While the price of TRESemme is appealing, the scent and convenience of having color in the product definitely outweighs the price factor.
Do you use dry shampoo? What is your favorite brand?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Miley Covers Bob Dylan

I am not a big Miley Cyrus fan, but I was curious to see, or hear rather, her version of Bob Dylan's song "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go." To my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Her voice is raw, the music is a bit twangy, and the video is simple. Simple, understated, and perfect. Miley sits on a stool and sings the lyrics with passion and feeling. There are no flashing lights or skimpy outfits. It is a great song, and my favorite image of Miss Miley to date.

I listened to this song countless times on repeat. I must say, this is definitely my favorite song by Miley Cyrus. What do you think of the song and the video?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

FOTD: Featuring New M.A.C. Products

My friends and I went on a little roadtrip the other day to chow down on some delicious BBQ grub. I wanted to get a little dolled up for the occasion since I had also gotten my hair cut and styled by my best friend that day. She can perform magic with a curling iron. My curls lasted all day!

On my face:
Foundation: Clinique
Eyes: Naked Palette
Cheeks: MAC Gingerly
Lips: MAC Lustering

I love the pop of pink on my lips. It's not the traditional winter color, but it makes the cold winter days a bit more bearable.
Do you incorporate Spring and Summer colors into your winter makeup?

Monday, January 23, 2012

New M.A.C. Products!

I am so excited to be adding new items to my M.A.C. collection that is slowly growing. And by slowly, I mean, very slowly. But it's all about baby steps, right? I have been wanting to purchase a new peachy blush. Every time I stepped into Ulta or a drug store I would look around, find one I liked, almost reach the register before putting it back. I am so indecisive. But it was mostly because as much as I am all about instant gratification, I was trying to work on my patience. I am in love with my M.A.C. blush in Fleur Power, and so I wanted to invest in another great M.A.C. blush. Aside from the blush, I also wanted to pick up a M.A.C. lipstick. I have been on a lipstick kick, and I love it.

After a wonderful consultant helped m, I went home with my two new favorite beauty products. The perfect peachy blush for glowing cheeks and a fun pink for playful lips. The blush is called Gingerly and the lipstick is Lustering. I m going to post a Face of the Day featuring both of these products very soon! Be on the look out!
What new beauty products have you picked up lately?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

People's Choice Awards: What the Stars Wore

Last night were the People's Choice Awards. I don't know what it was, but I was just not a fan of the outfits. There were some outfits where I may have liked the style, color or the shoes, but there were not many ensembles I loved as a whole.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth
First, can we talk about that face Miley makes. What is that? Aside from her facial expression, I'm not sure about her hair style. Is is pushed to one side or did she shave half of her head like Cassie? I do, however, like the creme color and sophisticated style of her dress. The detail on the back is interesting. I like the fun colors, but I am not sure about the see through portion. I am a fan of the pink shoes. They are a great way to tie the outfit together.

Nina Dobrev
Nina walked away with the Favorite TV Drama Actress! Way to go girl! I love Nina and usually her style is impeccable. Last night, I think she missed the mark. I love the lace sleeves and her nude strappy sandles, it's the color dress that bothers me. The green is a bit too much, and in my opinion, the color is not flattering on her. Besides, the lace sleeves, I'm not a huge fan on the rest of the dress, it feels a bit matronly to me.

Lea Michele
Lea Michele was another winner last night, taking home the award for Favorite TV Comedy Actress. I think creme was the color of the evening. She looks good in this form fitting flapper style dress. I like the drape like feel of this dress, but at the same time I get a chandelier vibe. Her hot pink lips are my favorite part of her look.

Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell is another celeb who has great style. Unfortunately, this dress does not portray that. I do like the style of the dress and the leather and lace contrast. My only complaint is the color. She is wearing some great shoes. I love the gold tips.

Lucy Hail
Lucy's style has been hit or miss for me. Her outfit last night was an overall hit. I like the length on her and the contrast of sparkle and fabric. I love one shoulder dresses, so she gets points for that. I also like the shoulder detail. My one issue is the train. I think a short train that hangs a bit past her knees would have been more elegant and not so overwhelming on her short stature.

Ashley Benson
Lucy's co-star, Ashley Benson, looked great. I loved the black and white contrast. She looks great in a high neckline and a sleeveless dress. She knows what works for her and goes with it. Simple and sweet. Definitely one of my favorites of the night.

Chloe Moretz
This young starlet won the Favorite Movie Star Under 25 award. I have yet to see one of her films, but I am looking forward to seeing Hugo. Chloe has a very sophisticated style for such a young girl. Because of that, I am not always a fan of her outfits. Last night was the exception. I think she looked her age, and she looked great. I love the style of her dress and the fun twist on the little black dress.

What was your favorite outfit of the night? Did any of your favorite celebs take home an award?

*Photos from Yahoo OMG!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cake Pops

I think cake pops are the cutest dessert idea! They are so fun! I have been wanting to bake cake pops for sometime, and during the holiday break I found some spare time to test my baking abilities. I can't find the recipe I used, but it was pretty simple.

What You'll Need:
1 box of cake mix in any flavor
1-16 ounce tub of any type of frosting
Baking sticks- you can find these in a grocery or craft store
Chocolate wafers- any color or flavor
Toppings- sprinkles, chocolate shavings, etc
Styrofoam to stick the pops in while they cool

First thing you are going to do is bake the cake. Just follow the directions on the box. Once the cake is baked, let it cool. I cooked my cake the night before and made the cake pops the next morning. Once the cake is completely cooled, cut it up into large pieces and crumble it up into a large bowl. This part is pretty fun, if you don't mind getting your hands dirty.
Once the cake is all crumbled up, add half of the container of frosting and mix it with the cake. Depending on how moist your cake is will determine how much frosting you need. My cake was pretty moist, so I did not need the whole tub of frosting. Just play with the consistency, adding a little frosting at a time. Just remember, you can add more, but you can't take away.

Once you have found the right consistency for your cake pop mix, you can begin to scoop out about a tablespoon (more or less depending on how big you would like them) of the mixture and roll into a ball. After you have rolled all of the mixture into balls, melt a small amount of the wafers. With the melted wafers, take a baking stick, dip it into the melted chocolate about a half-inch, then stick it into the bake ball. Make sure to only go about halfway or 3/4 of the way into the cake pop. When the chocolate hardens, it will keep the stick and cake ball together. Do this until all of your cake pops have a stick. Now is the hard part- waiting for two hours while your cake pops harden in the fridge. This part is very important. The longer they are in the fridge, the better. I was anxious to make my cake pops, and I took them out too early and they were falling off the sticks.

About a half hour before you are ready to take your cake pops out of the fridge, you can get your chocolate and toppings ready. The best way to melt wafers is in a double boiler, but if you don't have one of those, you can do what I do. Take a big pot, fill it with water and place on high on the stove. Find a bowl that will sit in the pot but won't fall in.

The best way to melt the wafers is to add a handful at a time. If there are to many in the bowl at one time, they will not melt properly and you could burn the chocolate. Once the chocolate is melted and your cake pops are cold enough, you can begin dipping! Use a spoon to get the chocolate all over the cake pop and place chocolate where the stick and the cake pop meet for extra hold. Let any excess chocolate fall off before placing it in the Styrofoam. Let the cake pop cool for a few seconds before putting any toppings on, or the weight of the topping will make it slide right off.

After you have made a few, you will get your own rhythm and system down. I found having my ingredients set up like an assembly line worked best. Cake pop, melted chocolate, Styrofoam, toppings. When all of your cake pops are coated with chocolate and topped, you are done!

The process is a bit of hard work and a lot of patience, but the finished product is definitely worth it! I can't wait to make more for other special occasions and play with flavors, colors, and designs. I'm thinking Red Velvet will be next since Valentine's Day is coming up!
Have you ever made cake pops? What is your favorite dessert with a twist?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

If It's Fo Free, It's Fo Me

Yep, you read correctly! I am talking about FREE items! (Okay, not completely, you do have to pay for shipping and handling. But it's worth the $6.95 I promise!) I was reading some tweets earlier, and there was one lovely tweet that caught me eye. Zoya nail polish re-tweeted a comment a girl made about getting their nail polish for free! Yes, please! So I clicked on it to see if it was legit, and low and behold, it was! Best day ever!

If you have been following me for some time, you know how much I love nail polish. If not, now you know. I still can't believe I picked up two polishes for $6.95! Zoya is amazing! I had a hard time picking which colors to get because there are a handful of gorgeous colors I love, but I ended up choosing Caitlin and Haley. I have had my eye on Caitlin for some time, I love the purple-y grey. Haley is the perfect red for my skin tone, and I was so excited when I saw it because I have been wanting a red that would compliment me for some time. If you want to get your hands on some free Zoya polish, click here! If you want to follow me on Twitter, click here!
Happy shopping!!!

*picture source

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Twenty Twelve Resolutions

Happy New Year!!! I can't believe it's January 1st, 2012 already! Where did this last month go?! I rang in the new year with some of my closest friends at a low key party. I had a great time catching up while having a few drinks.

Well, no that it's the big 2012, it's time to make (and break) some New Years Resolutions. I don't have very many resolutions, but the few I do have, I truly plan on sticking with.

1.) Hit the gym! I signed up for a gym membership a few months again, and while I have been pretty good about going, I really want to make an effort to go 3 to 4 times a week. I have the time, I just need to energy and motivation. I love going to the gym and the way I feel after I get my workout on, it's just getting to the gym that's the hardest part.

2.) Budget and save mula! I need to start thinking about the future. Things like moving out, paying off loans, etc. will be taking place in the next few months. So I have to start saving more and spending less. So far, I have been very good. I used a majority of my Christmas money to pay off credit cards and have spent very little in the past two weeks. (I know it has not been very long, but hey, it's a start.) I plan on putting a large amount of my paycheck in my savings and not touching it. I also want to get down to one credit card. I currently have 4, but two are almost paid off and after I do that, I will cut them up and discard. Go me!

3.) Be more organized. I don't know what happened, but since moving back home over the Summer, I have become a very messy person. My room, closet, my car, and bookshelves are a disaster. This week I plan on cleaning and organizing everything and hopefully keeping it that way!

Well, there are my resolutions! What are yours?

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