A Green Christmas?

It's the morning of Christmas Eve, and something is just not right. When I look out my window, there is no snow on the ground.
I don't remember ever having a Christmas without snow, and where I'm from snow is our claim to fame. (Hint: Blizzard of '77.) I can recall a few years ago when I thought we wouldn't have snow on Christmas, but then snowflakes filled the sky on Christmas Eve and we had a white Christmas after all. My fingers are crossed that the same thing happens this year. It wouldn't feel like Christmas without the snow. In fact, it doesn't feel like Christmas without the snow. So, to send Jack Frost a little hint, I found some beautiful snow filled pictures. I think snow makes everything look beautiful. In the sunlight or the moonlight, snow adds a touch of glamor and vintage to everything from a row of trees to a quiet street.

I thought I was okay with a green Christmas, but the closer and closer we get to Christmas day, the more I miss the snow. So if you hear my Jack Frost, all I want for Christmas is snow.