Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trend or End?

I have seen the booties with socks trend EVERYWHERE! One of my favorite bloggers, Saucy Glossie, is a big fan of this look. She has sported this trend quite a few times already.

I LOVE this trend. I think is it so adorable when paired with the right outfit. And I love how you can mix and match colors and textures. You can check out some of my favorite looks by Saucy Glossie here, here and here.
How do you feel about this look? Have you tried out this trend or do you just want it to end?


Superficial Sanctuary said...

SO cute, I love it! I need to find some good socks to make this look work for the boots I have.

Good post -- I am interested in whether or not others like this as much as I do!

lrnshelby said...

Love this look!! I am not exactly sure what I would wear it with but it is super cute!