Sunday, November 20, 2011

Little Rambling's Little Quirks

Are there things you do that are a bit quirky? I have a handful of little things I always do just out of habit for no particular rhyme or reason!

1.) I don't like to cross of the day in my planner until the following day. I feel like it's a bad omen.

2.) I CANNOT wear socks to bed. I don't know why, but I just can't. I don't care how cold it is.
3.) I always put the pepper on before the salt. Always.

Adorable salt & pepper shakers from Anthro

4.) I am so much more productive at homework and blogging when sitting on my bed than anywhere else.
5.) After I eat something salty, I have to eat something sweet.

6.) I like to eat certain chocolate bars frozen.

Do you have any random quirks? Are any of yours the same as mine?!

*click on the pictures to find the source.


lrnshelby said...

I loved this post! I actually do quite a few of the same things. I cannot wear socks to bed...I actually hate wearing socks in general. I also have to eat something sweet after eating salty food. Cute idea, I just might have to do a post like this :)

Superficial Sanctuary said...

Blogger bud, this is too cute! I am right there with you with #1 and #2 -- I can't cross off the day in fear that it'll cancel out anything good that may happen! haha and I loathe socks unless I'm wearing boots!!

Arianne Cruz said...

oh my gosh 5&6 are like me! for sure with 5 but as much as i love 6, i don't actually do it.

Britt said...

I have always wanted to be a Planner Girl. They seem so organized. But, mine is currently sitting under a pile of magazines and has not been touched in about a year. Maybe I'm not Planner material.

I also can't wear socks to bed! Cannot, cannot, cannot.