Avon Haul

I am in BIG trouble! One of my very good friends from work sells Avon. 'Nuff said... But, of course, I will go on.
I see my girlfriend everyday at work, and I see that wonderful Avon book just sitting on the counter waiting for me to pick it up and find another wonderful item that I convince myself I cannot live without. Do you see my dilemma? I am warning you now my friends, this is not the last Avon Haul you will be seeing. In fact... I may or may not have another order coming in on Saturday...
BUT! In all fairness, some things I picked up are going to be Christmas gifts. I swear! And no, they are not gifts for myself for being such an angel this year. They are real gifts for other people.
Okay, now let me show you all the wonderful things I picked up from that brightly colored and cheerful Avon book. That's how they get ya, you know. Bright colors and fun layouts. Or, I'm just a sucker for makeup... and a great deal! Almost all of these products were a 2 for $5 deal! Love it!

When they say Speed Dry, they are not kidding! My favorite color of these four is probably Brown Pearl It is definitely a color I would wear right now and through winter, but overall I would have to say that the sparkly Fusion is another top pick.

Love this liner. Seriously, I might buy one in every color and completely stop using my tried and true NYX liner. These babies are so smooth and easy to apply, and they last all day! I tried to rinse the color swatches off my hand after taking this picture. It was not happening. I HAD to use my eye makeup remover to get it off. That is something I really liked about this product. It will last ALL day.

I love love love these Jumbo Eye Pencils. I have been using the Blue Smoke as a eye liner, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the deep blue on its own.

Can you say adorable?! I couldn't resist buying these little guys! So cute! They make great little stocking stuffers!

Are you an Avon fan? What awesome products have you picked up in the past?