Simple Halloween Nails

I painted my nails for the first time in FOREVER yesterday! And seeing how Halloween is right around the corner (yikes), I thought I would do a simple and girlie design. To be honest, that was not my intention. At first, I tried to draw little spider webs on my nails, but a tooth pick just wasn't doing the trick. I think I might invest in a few of the Sally Hansen nail pens. Have you ever used them? What do you think?

O.P.I. On the Same Paige
O.P.I. Midnight in Moscow
Forever 21 Love & Beauty Glitter polish

Hope you guys like them! I am still really into the accent nail! And if you're wondering what the blue thing is on my pinky... I'm a major klutz and sliced open my pinky on Friday with a knife and had to get three stitches. It was horrible and I hope I NEVER have to get stitches again! So painful, but I am also a big baby with zero pain tolerance!
Have a great day! And if you created any Halloween inspired nails I would love to see them!