September Favorites

September really flew by! I feel like I say that almost every month, but I mean it this time. Maybe it's because I'm on a regular schedule with school and work now, so things seem to move a bit faster. September was a very busy month. I worked like crazy, had quite a bit of homework, and still managed to find time to have some fun. But let's be honest, I can always pencil in some fun. Here's a look at my September favorites with pictures taken by yours truly.

The first sign of Fall. I walked out to my car a week or so ago and saw this lone tree in my yard starting to change colors.

On days when it was a bit chilly, I lit my favorite candle to bring the wonderful scent of Autumn indoors.

This is my very first M.A.C. purchase! I picked it up when I was in NYC. It's a fantastic blush in the color Fleur Power. I wear it everyday!

I love flowers. I have been trying to keep a fresh vase of them in my room at all times. They just brighten any place up so much.

I feel like I went out to eat more than usual this month. My girlfriend Missy and I hit up this awesome Chinese buffet a few weeks ago and they had these adorable mini desserts. The mini cake with the green frosting was delicious!! I love eating out, although my wallet doesn't. This month I'm going to try and cook more meals. I love to cook, but after a long day it's just so much easier to go out.

What were your September favorites?