Lush Haul!

I am BEYOND excited about all the goodies I picked up at the Lush store in Georgetown while in D.C. last week! I went a little crazy! Everything smelled scrumptious, and I wanted to try out all the fun bath and body scrubs, soaps, and massage bars! How can a girl say no to Lush?! Especially when it was my first time ever purchasing the sweet little body treats.

So many Lush goodies!

I picked up three Bath Bombs. I'm lucky I didn't walk away with one of each! It was so hard to choose!
Twilight has a light, sweet candy smell. It's a mixture of lavender and vanilla. Brilliant combination. This bath bomb is great after a long, stressful day. Lavender is great for helping you relax and unwind.
The Pink Bath Bomb is adorable, and it smells like sweet tarts! But its not all at overbearing. It is made with neroli oil, which is known for lifting your spirit.
The Sakura Bath Bomb has a very subtle compared to the first two. It smells like freshness and flowers in the Spring, which is what I thought before I even read the description. Clearly, Lush knows how to describe its products to the T.

This may be one of my favorite purchases.
The Heavanilli Massage Bar smells like a vanilla bean that has been picked right off the branch. The smell is literally heavenly. What is really neat about this product is that you don't need water. You just rub the bar right onto your skin and it leaves your skin so soft and smelling delicious. When I first discovered it wasn't a soap bar, I was so confused and hesitant that it would leave my skin feeling waxy. The result was quite the contrary. My skin felt great. I couldn't stop petting and smelling my arm!

These next few items I picked up are not as exciting at the others, in my opinion at least, but they great little items to keep your skin in the best condition possible. Especially, with winter close by and cold, dry weather on its way, these items will definitely keep my skin silky smooth.
The Sugar Scrub smells earthy and fresh. it is made with ginger and fennel, which to me in funny because I have definitely cooked with both of those ingredients. I love discovering foods/ingredients that can duel as body care.
The Stepping Stone is another adorable product! How cute to make it into a little foot! And how appropriate. This awesome product is basically a pumice stone only better. Not only does it remove the dead skin cells, it is full of sea salt, which will also heal and soften your poor feet. My only issue with this product is that it smells just like Pine-sol. But the reason for that is the natural lemongrass, so I can live with it.
Tiny Hands is my favorite item of this group. First off, I love that it is a little bitty hand (would it be too much to use the word adorable again?)! And secondly it does wonders for your hands! I tested this out in the store before even putting it in my basket. I am very skeptical when it comes to hand soap because a lot of the time certain soap will dry out my skin. Not the case with this little guy! It left my hands so smooth! And it smells so great, probably because it is made with marigold and vanilla. Again, brilliant combo.

So, there you have it. All my new little bath and body friends. I am so excited to try them out. I may even do that right now. After ranting and raving about them I am even more excited to give 'em a go! Have you ever tried out Lush products! What are your favorites?