Guest Blogger: Coats for All Occasions!

I am thrilled to announce that one of my favorite bloggers has so graciously agreed to be my very first guest blogger! She has written an incredible post about finding the perfect coat to keep you warm, cozy and, of course, stylish. I now present to you the amazing and incredibly chic Superficial Sanctuary!

Hello you Lovely Little Ramblings Readers (LLRR!) I am the gal behind Superficial Sanctuary, a girl-tastic blog that covers everything between beauty and fashion with interjections of my life tossed in. Today, I'm here to ensure you stay warm this can thank me later ;)

First of all, Happy freaking Halloween!! I hope you all are having a great holiday filled with lots of fattening treats, minimal tricks, and synthetic wigs to show once and for all you should not dye your hair black! (Check out my blog for more on this last one.....)

Now that we're transitioning from "ahhh, this is lovely fall weather" to something more like "$*#& it's cold!" to perhaps even "WHAT THE HECK IS THIS WHITE STUFF IN OCTOBER?!".......I am here to share with you some wonderful coats that are musts for your closet this season! I like to have different coats for different occasions (if my wallet allows it) because coats can add so much spice and flare to any old outfit. I've chosen three styles that I am luh-ving this season, and I hope you do, too!

1. Capes (For: date nights, girls nights, whatever nights)
If you've read my blog, then you know SSB (Superficial Sanctuary Boyfriend) isn't allllways a fan of what I wear. That being said, I try to take my usual style and add some girly touches to it. A cute cape is the perfect date-night topper, because most of the current cape styles today cinch in at the waist, giving you a gawww-ghus shape...and no man can resist that! Plus, if you're wearing a cute sweater underneath, it still shows through because of the shorter sleeves.

2. Leather Jackets (For: football games, tailgates, bonfires)
If you're like me, you may not sport the classic oversized jersey to support your favorite team(s). Therefore, you may not be into the classic puffer vest people always tend to wear when the weather turns colder and they still insist on wearing said oversized jerseys! I think a classic leather jacket with shearling lining (or at least a shearling collar!) is the perfect pairing for any fashionable's warm and cozy but still very on-trend. The great thing, too, is that you can buy a deep red version (for Redskins fans) or a deep indigo (for, you know, some team that has blue in their colors....I'm not going to look that up and pretend like I know....) -- some may not be too hip with colored leather, but I'm here to tell you you should be! It's a sassy way of showing your style, you'll make allll the other fans jealous, sister!
*Faux leather (often called "leatherette" which is a lame name, but whatever) jackets are the way to go if you're wearing a colored version....some colors may fall out of trend before too long, and you don't want to be left with a ridiculously expensive coat a cow, wear faux!

3. The Must-Have Peacoat (For: seriously anything!)
The peacoat may never go out of style....with that, there are always new styles to make the peacoat stand out in a sea of sailors (you know, because that's where this coat got its origins!) Try a peacoat with a cinched waist, colorful buttons, or even stronger shoulders. It's a great topper to add for a dinner out with friends or family, to run errands, and adds class to any outfit (so it's also great for work).

I hope you all have a wonderful time shopping for your coats, and if you already have your picks for this fall/winter, please share them with me! I'll leave you with some recent "pins" I did of my favorite coats from the ever-so-budget-friendly Forever21. Now, you can look stylish and still maintain a healthy relationship with your credit card (mine currently is ignoring me, what a bitch.)

Click on the pics for a larger image. Sorry for the quality, my computer is being subborn :/

Thanks for having me Little Ramblings, you mah blogger gurrrl fo life!

Thank you SS! This post is amazing! There goes my next paycheck! I want one coat from each category, please and thank you! I am seriously in love with the peacoat with the leather trim AND the black peacoat with a belt! I never would have thought of that! I may have go to F21 tomorrow!

I hope you all enjoyed this fantastic post by the lovely and talented SS! What coats are you coveting this season?