Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cold Weather Comforts

Today it snowed! I couldn't believe it! I had heard rumors (aka the weather) report that it was supposed to snow on Friday, but they never said anything about it snowing today! I say rumors because for some reason our weather men don't always seem to know what they're talking about. Is it like that everywhere or just here? I was just getting home from work and putting on my bummin' clothes when I peeked out the window and what do I see? Big snowflakes! It had just been raining! The weather where I live is out of control. But, I am not here to complain. Unlike the many Facebook status's I read today, I am going to embrace the snow. Whining and complaining isn't going to get me anywhere except the face cream isle in search of a cure for premature wrinkles. Why worry and complain about things you have no control over?
So, in order to embrace the snow, I am going to focus on all the things I love about the cold weather.
Cold Weather Comforts

How do you feel about snow this soon? What do you love about the colder temperatures?

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Britt said...

I love the cooler weather! I HATE the summers here in the South; I'm not used to them and I don't like them!

I love everything that comes with the cold weather. There's a certain peace in the cold months that I don't see in the hot ones. That or it's just quiet because people are too busy shivering.
But I love the cooler months. Bring on the snow!