Candy Corn Nails!

I LOVE candy corn! I have seen a few versions of this nail look, but I had to post it anyway. Hope you don't mind! :)

In case you haven't seen this nail post before, let me give you a quick lesson on how to create your own candy corn nails!
Step 1: Paint your entire nail orange. Let dry.
Step 2: Paint about 2/3 of your nail yellow. Let dry.
Step 3: Paint the tips of your nails white. Let dry.
Step 4: (optional) Add a clear coat finish for a long lasting look.

Pretty simple, right? A bit time-consuming, but simple. Also, I don't use all that fancy nail tape nonsense to section parts of the nail off and to achieve straight line. Too time-consuming. I don't have THAT much patience. Plus, not all candy corn is created equal, so this gives it a more authentic look. (Okay, I may just be looking for an excuse to be lazy, but let's go with it.)
Hope you liked this Halloween nail look! I am off to eat some candy corn! What's your favorite Halloween treat?