Monday, October 3, 2011

Bootie Call

Bootie Call

Bootie Call by missmaryelizabeth featuring heel boots

So, I found a great new pair of boots, but now I need to find a great pair of booties! There is something different I love about each of the booties above.
1.) I love the color and the skinny brown buckle detail.
2.) Classic grey suede bootie. You can't go wrong.
3.) This reminds me of a M]modern school girl bootie. I love the stippling detail and the color. I think camel is my fall color.
4.) The ruffles on this booties soften the fierce shape of the shoe.
5. I love the burnt orange color and the laces on this one.
6.) I think bad ass chick when I see this bootie. I picture a brown leather jacket and riding on the back of a rugged man's bike. (I wish!)
7.) I adore a classic black suede bootie. I love the wooden heel. The brown/black combo is very chic.
8.) I love wedges and the combination of the bootie with a wedge is awesome! I also love how the top folds over. This would be so cute with dark skinny jeans and a cute flowy top.
9.) These navy booties are different. I rarely see navy shoes, but I think these would be so fun this fall. I would wear these with sheer black tights, a cute grey skirt, and a classic white oxford. (I feel a Polyvore set coming on!)

What do you think of booties? Which are your favorite?


The Procrastinator said...

I told myself I'd stop buying boots for this season but...booties don't count, do they?

Arianne Cruz said...

#1 and #4 are my faves :D

Superficial Sanctuary said...

no joke, can't even decide which ones i love the most - such good choices! i need new booties fo' sho! I also need a new pair of black heeled boots - know of a good place to find these?!

MaryElizabeth said...

You can never have too many booties!
SS I was in Famous Footwear the other day and they had some great boots! Also, check out Burlington!