Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blue Suede Shoes

Blue Suede Shoes

Blue Suede Shoes by missmaryelizabeth featuring amethyst rings

I love Elvis! So glad I was clever enough to incorporate one of this songs into this post!
Anywho, here's an outfit I put together inspired by a pair of blue suede shoes I blogged about in one of my last posts, Bootie Call. I love the idea of mixing colors that we have always been told should not be mixed together. Blacks and blues- love them together. Blacks and browns- ADORE them together! What do you think of mixing blacks, blues and browns?

*Also, a quick update. I was out of town over the long, beautiful weekend visiting a friend in D.C., so I apologize for the lack of posts, but I'm sure you understand. :) I have tons of new, fun posts coming up, such as O.O.T.D. and my first ever Lush Haul!!! So excited about both of those! Can't wait to get them up! Hope you had a great long weekend!

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