Monday, October 31, 2011

Guest Blogger: Coats for All Occasions!

I am thrilled to announce that one of my favorite bloggers has so graciously agreed to be my very first guest blogger! She has written an incredible post about finding the perfect coat to keep you warm, cozy and, of course, stylish. I now present to you the amazing and incredibly chic Superficial Sanctuary!

Hello you Lovely Little Ramblings Readers (LLRR!) I am the gal behind Superficial Sanctuary, a girl-tastic blog that covers everything between beauty and fashion with interjections of my life tossed in. Today, I'm here to ensure you stay warm this can thank me later ;)

First of all, Happy freaking Halloween!! I hope you all are having a great holiday filled with lots of fattening treats, minimal tricks, and synthetic wigs to show once and for all you should not dye your hair black! (Check out my blog for more on this last one.....)

Now that we're transitioning from "ahhh, this is lovely fall weather" to something more like "$*#& it's cold!" to perhaps even "WHAT THE HECK IS THIS WHITE STUFF IN OCTOBER?!".......I am here to share with you some wonderful coats that are musts for your closet this season! I like to have different coats for different occasions (if my wallet allows it) because coats can add so much spice and flare to any old outfit. I've chosen three styles that I am luh-ving this season, and I hope you do, too!

1. Capes (For: date nights, girls nights, whatever nights)
If you've read my blog, then you know SSB (Superficial Sanctuary Boyfriend) isn't allllways a fan of what I wear. That being said, I try to take my usual style and add some girly touches to it. A cute cape is the perfect date-night topper, because most of the current cape styles today cinch in at the waist, giving you a gawww-ghus shape...and no man can resist that! Plus, if you're wearing a cute sweater underneath, it still shows through because of the shorter sleeves.

2. Leather Jackets (For: football games, tailgates, bonfires)
If you're like me, you may not sport the classic oversized jersey to support your favorite team(s). Therefore, you may not be into the classic puffer vest people always tend to wear when the weather turns colder and they still insist on wearing said oversized jerseys! I think a classic leather jacket with shearling lining (or at least a shearling collar!) is the perfect pairing for any fashionable's warm and cozy but still very on-trend. The great thing, too, is that you can buy a deep red version (for Redskins fans) or a deep indigo (for, you know, some team that has blue in their colors....I'm not going to look that up and pretend like I know....) -- some may not be too hip with colored leather, but I'm here to tell you you should be! It's a sassy way of showing your style, you'll make allll the other fans jealous, sister!
*Faux leather (often called "leatherette" which is a lame name, but whatever) jackets are the way to go if you're wearing a colored version....some colors may fall out of trend before too long, and you don't want to be left with a ridiculously expensive coat a cow, wear faux!

3. The Must-Have Peacoat (For: seriously anything!)
The peacoat may never go out of style....with that, there are always new styles to make the peacoat stand out in a sea of sailors (you know, because that's where this coat got its origins!) Try a peacoat with a cinched waist, colorful buttons, or even stronger shoulders. It's a great topper to add for a dinner out with friends or family, to run errands, and adds class to any outfit (so it's also great for work).

I hope you all have a wonderful time shopping for your coats, and if you already have your picks for this fall/winter, please share them with me! I'll leave you with some recent "pins" I did of my favorite coats from the ever-so-budget-friendly Forever21. Now, you can look stylish and still maintain a healthy relationship with your credit card (mine currently is ignoring me, what a bitch.)

Click on the pics for a larger image. Sorry for the quality, my computer is being subborn :/

Thanks for having me Little Ramblings, you mah blogger gurrrl fo life!

Thank you SS! This post is amazing! There goes my next paycheck! I want one coat from each category, please and thank you! I am seriously in love with the peacoat with the leather trim AND the black peacoat with a belt! I never would have thought of that! I may have go to F21 tomorrow!

I hope you all enjoyed this fantastic post by the lovely and talented SS! What coats are you coveting this season?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Candy Corn Nails!

I LOVE candy corn! I have seen a few versions of this nail look, but I had to post it anyway. Hope you don't mind! :)

In case you haven't seen this nail post before, let me give you a quick lesson on how to create your own candy corn nails!
Step 1: Paint your entire nail orange. Let dry.
Step 2: Paint about 2/3 of your nail yellow. Let dry.
Step 3: Paint the tips of your nails white. Let dry.
Step 4: (optional) Add a clear coat finish for a long lasting look.

Pretty simple, right? A bit time-consuming, but simple. Also, I don't use all that fancy nail tape nonsense to section parts of the nail off and to achieve straight line. Too time-consuming. I don't have THAT much patience. Plus, not all candy corn is created equal, so this gives it a more authentic look. (Okay, I may just be looking for an excuse to be lazy, but let's go with it.)
Hope you liked this Halloween nail look! I am off to eat some candy corn! What's your favorite Halloween treat?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Creepy Crafts

Okay, so it's not necessarily creepy, but I like alliterations. Could you tell? Last night, while cheering on my boys (my hockey team), I decided to get crafty. It had been a while since I last let me creative side go wild. I bought a bunch of Halloween inspired craft paper from JoAnn's about a week ago, and I finally got the chance to play around with it last night. We don't have many Halloween decorations around my dad's house, so I thought a little homemade touch would be perfect!

It's nothing fancy, but I had fun making it. I love arts and crafts. It's kind of therapeutic for me. And, surprisingly, relaxing. I think my favorite flags are the witch's hat, the candy corn (my favorite Halloween candy) and the ghost. Which flag do you like best?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cold Weather Comforts

Today it snowed! I couldn't believe it! I had heard rumors (aka the weather) report that it was supposed to snow on Friday, but they never said anything about it snowing today! I say rumors because for some reason our weather men don't always seem to know what they're talking about. Is it like that everywhere or just here? I was just getting home from work and putting on my bummin' clothes when I peeked out the window and what do I see? Big snowflakes! It had just been raining! The weather where I live is out of control. But, I am not here to complain. Unlike the many Facebook status's I read today, I am going to embrace the snow. Whining and complaining isn't going to get me anywhere except the face cream isle in search of a cure for premature wrinkles. Why worry and complain about things you have no control over?
So, in order to embrace the snow, I am going to focus on all the things I love about the cold weather.
Cold Weather Comforts

How do you feel about snow this soon? What do you love about the colder temperatures?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Sweet Escape

I went apple picking for the first time a few weeks ago and it was so much fun! Walking through the rows and rows of fresh and delicious apple trees made me feel like I was in a far off land. We picked so many apples! We ended up leaving with a huge bucket of all different types of apples for only $8! I discovered so many new tpes of apples I never hear dof before and of course taste tested them. I also discovered my new favorite apple. It's called the Crispin. It is very similar to the Granny Smith and a Golden Delicious, but with a bit more bite. I always thought I liked the sweeter apples, but I think I prefer more of a tart flavor.

I had a great time on my first apple picking adventure, and I can't wait to go again! Have you ever been apple picking? What are some of your favorite fall activities?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Simple Halloween Nails

I painted my nails for the first time in FOREVER yesterday! And seeing how Halloween is right around the corner (yikes), I thought I would do a simple and girlie design. To be honest, that was not my intention. At first, I tried to draw little spider webs on my nails, but a tooth pick just wasn't doing the trick. I think I might invest in a few of the Sally Hansen nail pens. Have you ever used them? What do you think?

O.P.I. On the Same Paige
O.P.I. Midnight in Moscow
Forever 21 Love & Beauty Glitter polish

Hope you guys like them! I am still really into the accent nail! And if you're wondering what the blue thing is on my pinky... I'm a major klutz and sliced open my pinky on Friday with a knife and had to get three stitches. It was horrible and I hope I NEVER have to get stitches again! So painful, but I am also a big baby with zero pain tolerance!
Have a great day! And if you created any Halloween inspired nails I would love to see them!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Morning Music

I decided to update my iTunes library this morning, and there are so many songs I am loving right now so I thought I'd share them with you. :) Hope you enjoy.

What music have you been loving lately?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lush Haul!

I am BEYOND excited about all the goodies I picked up at the Lush store in Georgetown while in D.C. last week! I went a little crazy! Everything smelled scrumptious, and I wanted to try out all the fun bath and body scrubs, soaps, and massage bars! How can a girl say no to Lush?! Especially when it was my first time ever purchasing the sweet little body treats.

So many Lush goodies!

I picked up three Bath Bombs. I'm lucky I didn't walk away with one of each! It was so hard to choose!
Twilight has a light, sweet candy smell. It's a mixture of lavender and vanilla. Brilliant combination. This bath bomb is great after a long, stressful day. Lavender is great for helping you relax and unwind.
The Pink Bath Bomb is adorable, and it smells like sweet tarts! But its not all at overbearing. It is made with neroli oil, which is known for lifting your spirit.
The Sakura Bath Bomb has a very subtle compared to the first two. It smells like freshness and flowers in the Spring, which is what I thought before I even read the description. Clearly, Lush knows how to describe its products to the T.

This may be one of my favorite purchases.
The Heavanilli Massage Bar smells like a vanilla bean that has been picked right off the branch. The smell is literally heavenly. What is really neat about this product is that you don't need water. You just rub the bar right onto your skin and it leaves your skin so soft and smelling delicious. When I first discovered it wasn't a soap bar, I was so confused and hesitant that it would leave my skin feeling waxy. The result was quite the contrary. My skin felt great. I couldn't stop petting and smelling my arm!

These next few items I picked up are not as exciting at the others, in my opinion at least, but they great little items to keep your skin in the best condition possible. Especially, with winter close by and cold, dry weather on its way, these items will definitely keep my skin silky smooth.
The Sugar Scrub smells earthy and fresh. it is made with ginger and fennel, which to me in funny because I have definitely cooked with both of those ingredients. I love discovering foods/ingredients that can duel as body care.
The Stepping Stone is another adorable product! How cute to make it into a little foot! And how appropriate. This awesome product is basically a pumice stone only better. Not only does it remove the dead skin cells, it is full of sea salt, which will also heal and soften your poor feet. My only issue with this product is that it smells just like Pine-sol. But the reason for that is the natural lemongrass, so I can live with it.
Tiny Hands is my favorite item of this group. First off, I love that it is a little bitty hand (would it be too much to use the word adorable again?)! And secondly it does wonders for your hands! I tested this out in the store before even putting it in my basket. I am very skeptical when it comes to hand soap because a lot of the time certain soap will dry out my skin. Not the case with this little guy! It left my hands so smooth! And it smells so great, probably because it is made with marigold and vanilla. Again, brilliant combo.

So, there you have it. All my new little bath and body friends. I am so excited to try them out. I may even do that right now. After ranting and raving about them I am even more excited to give 'em a go! Have you ever tried out Lush products! What are your favorites?

Monday, October 17, 2011

D.C. Is Where I Wanna Be

For Columbus Day weekend, my girlfriend, M, and I drove down to Washington, D.C. to visit one of our best friends, E, who just moved there for grad school. It was a much needed mini vacation.
We left early Friday morning. After 8 hours of driving with one stop and hitting a bit of traffic just outside the city, we finally made it to D.C. around 4. We were all so excited to be reunited! There was shrieking and hugging and jumping! We unpacked the car, got the grand tour of her apartment, sat on her bed like old times at home and chatted for a bit, then wasted no time freshening up to hit downtown D.C. for happy hour!
By 5 o'clock we were ready to go! D.C. is like a smaller, less insane version of NYC, but driving was definitely not something any of us wanted to do in an unfamiliar city, so we took the bus or metro to get everywhere. The bus stop became our number one photo shoot backdrop.

We couldn't stop laughing the whole weekend! We had a blast! Me & M

M, E, and me

What I Wore:
Dress- Forever 21 (seen here)
Sweater- Charlotte Russe
Shoes- Cole Haan
Bad- H&M

Friday night was very successful. We found this amazing Irish pub called Mackey's that had awesome happy hour deals. We loaded up on half-priced delicious, greasy appetizers and $3 beers. A few hours later, we decided to find a new bar and some "suits." Suites is a term coined by E referencing men in suites. There are so many men in suits. It was a single girl's heaven. I take that back- it's every girl's heaven! But, with suites comes suit goggles- another term E came up. Think beer goggles, only suites. Haha!
We left the Irish pub around 8pm and decided to wander until we found another bar that looked promising. We made some friends while walking around, who invited us out with them. We ended up going to an incredible bar called The Mad Hatter. It was Alice in Wonderland themed. There were interesting pictures of the story everywhere! Definitely my favorite bar of whole trip! We danced all night and even made friends with some suites who so graciously bought us drinks. Very successful evening.
Saturday was our touristy day. The weather was phenomenal. Eighty and sunny! The whole weekend was like that. We really lucked out because for the past few weeks D.C. had been rainy and cold. We started out with lunch at a new restaurant I read about before going to D.C.. It's called the Shophouse and it's owned by the same man who opened Chipotle. It is the same concept as Chipotle, except instead of Mexican food, the Shophouse is Thai/Chinese cuisine. It was different from the usual Chinese food, but it was good.
Once we were finished eating, off we went to sightsee. The day was filled with beautiful monuments and buildings and lots of walking! But on such a gorgeous day, I didn't mind at all.

Beautiful fountain at Dupont Circle

At the WWII Memorial with Washington Monument in the background.
This is my favorite picture from the trip. :)

Fountains became the theme of the day. If we saw a fountain, we stopped for a photo opp.

The U.S. Capitol

What I Wore:
Top- Forever 21
Pants- J. Crew
Shoes- Cole Haan
Bag- H&M

Sunday Funday! When we first made plans to visit D.C., the three of us knew on Sunday we would definitely be going to a bar where we could watch our football team kick some butt! In order to find this bar, what did we do? We Googled it, of course! Google told us about this great bar called McFadden's. We ordered a few drinks and a HUGE appetizer platter with onion rings, mozz sticks, sweet potato fries, chicken wings, etc (clearly we were on a health kick) called The White House. And to top it off, our team won!!! Yay!!
Sunday was also the day for shopping! We ventured over to Georgetown, which is a small, wealthy hub of D.C. filled with great shops along a cobblestone road. Adorable. We went into so many shops such as Steve Madden, Lush, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Urban Outfitters, and Juicy Couture. I saw so many cute things! But I behaved... sort of... I went a little crazy at Lush. Haul coming soon!

Delicious cupcakes from Sprinkles!

Sunday night, we decided to go see the White House. The entire area around the White House is gorgeous. The buildings and streets are so beautiful. I think my favorite part about D.C. is that you get a big city feel without all the crazy hustle and bustle of a big city. And D.C. is SO clean! Honestly, I did not see trash anywhere on the ground. Too bad every city can't be like that. Around 1am, we called it a night and headed back towards E's apartment.
Monday morning came way too quickly. We woke up around 10 and made our way to this great crepe restaurant called Crepeaway where the three of us inhaled a sweet and a savory crepe. They were so good! And incredibly filling! I didn't eat again until halfway through the ride home later that night. Once we finished stuffing our faces, we walked around D.C. a bit more and stopped at the White House one last time to see it during the day. We were also hoping to see the president, but to no avail. We sat in front of the White House for about an hour people watching, chit chatting and making friends with one of the security guards until we decided we should go back to the apartment and start packing up to head home.

The ride home was bittersweet. The drive was gorgeous. The leaves are changing and looking out the window was like looking at a water color painting. The trip home went very smooth and rather quick compared to the drive there. Visiting E and spending the long weekend in D.C. was a great getaway. I can't wait to go back! I fell in love with D.C. and it is definitely a place I would move to in the future! I even looked at internship opportunities there!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blue Suede Shoes

Blue Suede Shoes

Blue Suede Shoes by missmaryelizabeth featuring amethyst rings

I love Elvis! So glad I was clever enough to incorporate one of this songs into this post!
Anywho, here's an outfit I put together inspired by a pair of blue suede shoes I blogged about in one of my last posts, Bootie Call. I love the idea of mixing colors that we have always been told should not be mixed together. Blacks and blues- love them together. Blacks and browns- ADORE them together! What do you think of mixing blacks, blues and browns?

*Also, a quick update. I was out of town over the long, beautiful weekend visiting a friend in D.C., so I apologize for the lack of posts, but I'm sure you understand. :) I have tons of new, fun posts coming up, such as O.O.T.D. and my first ever Lush Haul!!! So excited about both of those! Can't wait to get them up! Hope you had a great long weekend!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

September Favorites

September really flew by! I feel like I say that almost every month, but I mean it this time. Maybe it's because I'm on a regular schedule with school and work now, so things seem to move a bit faster. September was a very busy month. I worked like crazy, had quite a bit of homework, and still managed to find time to have some fun. But let's be honest, I can always pencil in some fun. Here's a look at my September favorites with pictures taken by yours truly.

The first sign of Fall. I walked out to my car a week or so ago and saw this lone tree in my yard starting to change colors.

On days when it was a bit chilly, I lit my favorite candle to bring the wonderful scent of Autumn indoors.

This is my very first M.A.C. purchase! I picked it up when I was in NYC. It's a fantastic blush in the color Fleur Power. I wear it everyday!

I love flowers. I have been trying to keep a fresh vase of them in my room at all times. They just brighten any place up so much.

I feel like I went out to eat more than usual this month. My girlfriend Missy and I hit up this awesome Chinese buffet a few weeks ago and they had these adorable mini desserts. The mini cake with the green frosting was delicious!! I love eating out, although my wallet doesn't. This month I'm going to try and cook more meals. I love to cook, but after a long day it's just so much easier to go out.

What were your September favorites?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bootie Call

Bootie Call

Bootie Call by missmaryelizabeth featuring heel boots

So, I found a great new pair of boots, but now I need to find a great pair of booties! There is something different I love about each of the booties above.
1.) I love the color and the skinny brown buckle detail.
2.) Classic grey suede bootie. You can't go wrong.
3.) This reminds me of a M]modern school girl bootie. I love the stippling detail and the color. I think camel is my fall color.
4.) The ruffles on this booties soften the fierce shape of the shoe.
5. I love the burnt orange color and the laces on this one.
6.) I think bad ass chick when I see this bootie. I picture a brown leather jacket and riding on the back of a rugged man's bike. (I wish!)
7.) I adore a classic black suede bootie. I love the wooden heel. The brown/black combo is very chic.
8.) I love wedges and the combination of the bootie with a wedge is awesome! I also love how the top folds over. This would be so cute with dark skinny jeans and a cute flowy top.
9.) These navy booties are different. I rarely see navy shoes, but I think these would be so fun this fall. I would wear these with sheer black tights, a cute grey skirt, and a classic white oxford. (I feel a Polyvore set coming on!)

What do you think of booties? Which are your favorite?