The September Issues

It's finally here! My favorite month! I have always loved the month of September. Maybe it's because I love Fall with all the beautiful changing leaves. It could also be because I always looked forward to going back to school to see friends I hadn't seen since the year before and learn new things (nerd alert- I like(d) school). As I got older, I started to love September for new reasons. The main one being the September issues of magazines. I love love love flipping through Elle and Vogue and looking at all of the amazing ads for Louis Vuitton, YSL, Dolce & Gabanna, DVF, Chanel, etc. The ads are what make the magazine, in my opinion, but that could just be because I am a Marketing major. I also love seeing the Fall's hottest trends and learning what designers and editors think will be the new trend for the coming year.
I have already raided the magazine shelves for September issues of my favorite magazines. Last night, after searching 3 different store, I completed the trifecta- Elle, Vogue, and InStyle. Tonight, I plan on curling up in my bed with a cup of green tea and diving into pages upon pages of beautiful clothes, women and ads.

Do you indulge in the Septembers issues? Which magazine do you look forward to most?