Scarves Galore!

I think it is safe to say that Superficial Sanctuary and I were on the same wave length yesterday. After I finished taking photos for today's blog post, I logged onto blogger and saw SS's post on her amazing new scarf and how she wears it. Crazy! Definitely check out her blog for other fun posts!
Now, I would like to introduce you to my scarf collection (or at least half of it). The scarves below are my Fall scarves. I have about 8 more that could be categorized as my Spring/Summer scarves. Those ones are brightly colored and made of a bit lighter material. I love to make the scarf the main focus of my outfit, especially if the scarf has a fun pattern. I will wear a plain, solid top, jeans, and a light jacket-depending on the weather- and leave the scarf do all the talking.

1. I picked up this floral scarf from Wet Seal a few years ago. I love the cream color and the light pink rose pattern. We all know how much I love my flowers!
2. I think I also picked up this multicolored scarf up at Wet Seal about 5 years ago? I love this scarf with a camel colored coat. The colors remind me of a perfect Fall day.
3. This is a Cynthia Rowley scarf. It is brand new to my collection and it's my baby. I love the colors. I found this little treasure at Marshalls for $14.99!
4. Stripes! I have had this scarf for a few year. I honestly don't remember where I picked it up, but its one of my favs. The material is so soft.
5. I found this very long scarf from Gap about two years ago. Last year, this was my go to scarf. I would wrap it around my neck at least twice, threw on my deep green fleece, my favorite brown boots and I was on my way. The material of is very soft and thin, but because there is so much fabric it definitely keeps me warm.
6. Another floral scarf, but are we surprised? No. I purchased this from Wet Seal at the same time I bought scarf number 1. I love that it's navy blue because that is one color I can never go wrong in. I also love the big pink flowers and green leaves. Lots of great colors going on.
7. This scarf is also new to my collection. I found it when I was in NYC in August in a great boutique called Mystic. (No I wasn't trying to rhyme.) I don't have any animal print scarves, so I knew it had to come home with me. I paired this with a simple black top skinny jeans and flats and I loved the look. For colder weather, I would add either brown or black boots and my faux black leather jacket for an edgy feel.
8. And last but not least, my third and final floral scarf. I cannot recall where I found this scarf, but what's unique about this scarf is that its goes from fabric to netting, fabric to netting. The texture is very cool and adds that little something extra.

So, there you have it my favorite Fall scarves. The weather has definitely been cooling off, especially at night, so I'm looking forward to wearing them more often. Tonight my girlfriends and I are staying in for a night of wine and relaxation. I'm thinking I'll play it up a bit and wear my leopard print scarf.
What scarves to you love for Fall?