Monday, September 5, 2011


I'm sure you wonder why every once in awhile these random pictures are posted on my blog. Well, the answer is I'm a dummy. I love Polyvore. I use it all the time for fun and for my blog posts. But each time I "clip" my own item, the image is automatically sent to my blog. It's very annoying because I always forget (clearly), and I don't know how to prevent that from happening. So, I apologize for the random posts. If anyone knows how to prevent clips from uploading to my blog, let me know por favor. Thanks! I hope you are having a great Labor day! I'm on my break at work right now blogging from my phone (I love technology-sometimes), but I get out at 2 o'clock! Yay! Then my dad and I are going to a family picnic, and my dad is bringing his famous taco salad! It's out of this world good! I can't wait to stuff my face! What are your plans for today?


Superficial Sanctuary said...

Publish it to your polyvore page first....then once it's on there, click the button for blogger on the right and before "submitting" it, click where it says "post as draft" so it shows up under your posts page but not on your blog until you actually publish it.

Hope this makes enough sense for it to work for you :)

MaryElizabeth said...

This does help! Thank you so much SS! :)