Monday, September 19, 2011

My Fall Essentials

My Fall Essentials

My Fall Essentials by missmaryelizabeth featuring a duffle coat

The fall weather is creeping in. The past few days have been chilly enough for me to wear my favorite fleece, skinny jeans, Keds, and a scarf. But I'm not complaining! I love it!
This fall I am on the look out for a few essentials, including a nice coat and brown or grey satchel. I was keeping my eye out for a new pair of boots, but I found the perfect pair today at a great little boutique! Post coming soon! I also snagged an awesome scarf!
What are your Fall Essentials?


Arianne Cruz said...

oh my.. those coats are gorgeous!!! And the pink/coral scarf is beautiful!

Superficial Sanctuary said...

SO stinking cute, I love all of this! I just did a post using Polyvore and used leaves, too (ok, like two haha) but yours is way WAY creative, now I want to go shopping ASAP! haha