Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scarves Galore!

I think it is safe to say that Superficial Sanctuary and I were on the same wave length yesterday. After I finished taking photos for today's blog post, I logged onto blogger and saw SS's post on her amazing new scarf and how she wears it. Crazy! Definitely check out her blog for other fun posts!
Now, I would like to introduce you to my scarf collection (or at least half of it). The scarves below are my Fall scarves. I have about 8 more that could be categorized as my Spring/Summer scarves. Those ones are brightly colored and made of a bit lighter material. I love to make the scarf the main focus of my outfit, especially if the scarf has a fun pattern. I will wear a plain, solid top, jeans, and a light jacket-depending on the weather- and leave the scarf do all the talking.

1. I picked up this floral scarf from Wet Seal a few years ago. I love the cream color and the light pink rose pattern. We all know how much I love my flowers!
2. I think I also picked up this multicolored scarf up at Wet Seal about 5 years ago? I love this scarf with a camel colored coat. The colors remind me of a perfect Fall day.
3. This is a Cynthia Rowley scarf. It is brand new to my collection and it's my baby. I love the colors. I found this little treasure at Marshalls for $14.99!
4. Stripes! I have had this scarf for a few year. I honestly don't remember where I picked it up, but its one of my favs. The material is so soft.
5. I found this very long scarf from Gap about two years ago. Last year, this was my go to scarf. I would wrap it around my neck at least twice, threw on my deep green fleece, my favorite brown boots and I was on my way. The material of is very soft and thin, but because there is so much fabric it definitely keeps me warm.
6. Another floral scarf, but are we surprised? No. I purchased this from Wet Seal at the same time I bought scarf number 1. I love that it's navy blue because that is one color I can never go wrong in. I also love the big pink flowers and green leaves. Lots of great colors going on.
7. This scarf is also new to my collection. I found it when I was in NYC in August in a great boutique called Mystic. (No I wasn't trying to rhyme.) I don't have any animal print scarves, so I knew it had to come home with me. I paired this with a simple black top skinny jeans and flats and I loved the look. For colder weather, I would add either brown or black boots and my faux black leather jacket for an edgy feel.
8. And last but not least, my third and final floral scarf. I cannot recall where I found this scarf, but what's unique about this scarf is that its goes from fabric to netting, fabric to netting. The texture is very cool and adds that little something extra.

So, there you have it my favorite Fall scarves. The weather has definitely been cooling off, especially at night, so I'm looking forward to wearing them more often. Tonight my girlfriends and I are staying in for a night of wine and relaxation. I'm thinking I'll play it up a bit and wear my leopard print scarf.
What scarves to you love for Fall?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Things I Love About Fall

Things I Love About Fall

Things I Love About Fall by missmaryelizabeth featuring long sleeve crew neck shirts

I am unusually excited about Fall this year. I'm really not sure why, but I am. Here are some of the things I am most excited about.

~Hot cocoa & hot cider. I love sipping cocoa or hot cider on a cool day. I am also a big tea drinker, but when Fall comes around I'm all about the cocoa (sometimes a few marshmallows) and a nice cup of cider.
~Pumpkins! I love looking at pumpkins, picking pumpkins, carving pumpkins, decorating pumpkins, eating pumpkins... I think you get the idea. I love pumpkins. To me, they are the definition of Fall.
~Haunted Houses. Now the fact that I like haunted houses is rather ironic. I am a scardy cat. I am so easily scared. I watch a scary movie and I can't sleep for a week. But tell me you want to go to a haunted house and I'm the first one out the door. I love going groups. I have only ever gone with big groups and maybe that's why they are so fun.
~ Bulky, cozy sweaters. I love wearing over-sized t-shirts around the house and to bed, but when the cooler weather rolls in, I bring out the big, cozy sweaters. I love the one I found on Polyvore. I have been searching for an identical one. If you know where I can find it, do tell. :)
~Hockey & Football season! I am a girly girly. I love clothes and makeup and shopping, but I LOVE my football and hockey! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I get that from my dad. Last night, I went to a hockey game, and I am currently yelling and cheering at my TV as I watch my football team kick ass!!!
~Candy corn. Need I say more? It's amazing! Speaking of which, I need to go buy some ASAP!
~Halloween. Umm, hello you get to dress up for a night! It's the best holiday ever! I have no idea what I am going to be this year, but I am excited! What are you going to be?
~The Changing Leaves. Okay, okay I know I raved about pumpkins, but the leaves changing colors is definitely my number one reason for absolutely loving Fall!

Do you love Fall as much as I do? What things do you love about Fall?

Friday, September 23, 2011

It's the First Day of Fall!

In honor of the first day of Fall, I would like to post a Fall Haul. I picked up some great finds at Forever 21 the other day, and I am so excited for the weather to cool down so I can pair my favorite boots with these great pieces.

I love this sweater! The pattern is so cool and unique and the material is incredibly soft! You could definitely dress this piece up or down. Jeans would be a laid back way to wear this, or pair it with a black skirt and boots.

Clearly, I was on a sweater kick. This deep olive green sweater is thin and slouchy. The perfect combination. You can wear it by itself on a warmer Fall day or throw a coat over it without feeling bulky.

The colors in this flowy dress are great for Fall. I love the deep blue with the red flowers. I have an awesome blazer I would thrown over this dress for a dinner date, or a long camel colored sweater for running errands.

I am still a big fan of tribal print. I saw this skirt and so many outfits popped into my head!

Skirts were another hot item for me that day. I love love love this skirt. The pattern is so cool. The material is a bit heavier so it will be great in the Winter as well. The material is so soft and feels just like suede. I can't wait to wear this with a fitted black sweater, sheer tights and my favorite black boots.

What Fall items have you picked up recently? What pieces are your favorite?

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Fall Essentials

My Fall Essentials

My Fall Essentials by missmaryelizabeth featuring a duffle coat

The fall weather is creeping in. The past few days have been chilly enough for me to wear my favorite fleece, skinny jeans, Keds, and a scarf. But I'm not complaining! I love it!
This fall I am on the look out for a few essentials, including a nice coat and brown or grey satchel. I was keeping my eye out for a new pair of boots, but I found the perfect pair today at a great little boutique! Post coming soon! I also snagged an awesome scarf!
What are your Fall Essentials?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Giveaway Winner!!!!

I am so excited to announce the winner of my 100 Followers Giveaway! Thank you to all of you who entered! This was such a fun giveaway and I can't wait to host another! Now, without further ado.... the winner is...

BRITT from Almostbritain

Congratulations, Britt! I am honored to send you an awesome selection of Too Faced products! I love reading her blog! If you have never checked out her blog- do it now! Please! You will love her "Did I Ever Tell You About the Time...' posts! I do!

Thanks again to everyone who entered! Hope you have a great week!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Premiere!

I am so excited! All of my favorite shows are starting up again! That's another thing I love about Fall. Besides the apple cider, changing leaves and warm sweaters, I love that my shows come back.
I have been a Vampire Diaries fan since day one and I can't believe it's already on season 3! This show is so juicy. The story line is amazing, especially if you're a vampire fan, like myself. Last season, things got a bit crazy and cliche. They added a werewolf into the mix and at first I was worried that the show would get lost with to many mythical creatures, but I love the way things unfolded. Nina Dobrev plays the role of Elena impeccably, and who can resist the Salvatore brothers? I can't, that's for sure.

I am sure tonight's season premiere will deliver, and I can't wait to see Damon. He is my favorite character. Even in the scariest and most serious of moments he always has a smart remark. Ahhh, less than a half hour until it starts! I am on pins and needles! Who else is a Vampire Diaries fan? Are you excited for the season premier?

And don't forget, only three more days to enter my Too Faced 100 Follower Giveaway! The giveaway ends on Saturday, the 17th, and a winner will be picked on the 18th! Good luck!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I was looking through the dashboard of my Tumblr the other day and one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Jessica Quirk of What I Wore, has been posting some amazing photos from New York Fashion Week. She has posted images from the Betsy Johnson show, Charlotte Ronson, Oscar de la Renta, etc. I love all of those designers and more, but one designer I have never heard of really caught my attention- ADAM. Here are some of my favorite outfits designed by my new favorite designer Adam Lippes.

I love both of those dresses. The first one is so soft and delicate with the beautiful sheer sleeves and butterfly details. The second I want to wear to a New Year's party. The all pink ensemble is quite pink, but I love the mixture of textures and those shoes are to die for!
What do you think of the designer ADAM? Have you ever heard of him? What NYFW runways shows are you head over heels for?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Remember

I, like many others, remember exactly what I did, ate and what I was wearing on September 11th, 2oo1. I was only 11. At that time, I was young and innocent. My biggest worry was what outfit would I wear to school and who could play with me after school. The simplicity and innocence of my life was changed when I came home from school on the fateful day of September 11th, 2001.
The faculty and staff did not tell us what was going on. I vaguely remember my teachers being a bit out of it and quiet, but I figured they were tired and wanted to go home just as much as I did. It wasn't until about 3pm when I came home from school and found my mom sitting on the foot stool staring at the television with tears in her eyes. I asked her what was wrong, and as I got closer I saw the image of a plane flying into a very tall building. I was frozen for a few minutes as I tried to comprehend what was going on.
A few minutes later, one of my best friends from school called me crying. She asked if I saw what had happened, I told her I had, and tears started to form as I realized this tragic event had occurred in our country. I got off the phone with my friend and I can remember immediately being scared. What is going to happen? Are we at war now? How are things going to change?
It has been ten years, and each time I look at a picture or see the clips of the plane crashes, my heart breaks again. I think about the terror that I felt, my family felt, the men and women in the planes and Twin Towers must have felt, and it brings tears to my eyes. Today, is the ten year anniversary, but I swear it feels like it has only been one year, two at the most.
That horrific event changed our world. And it will never be forgotten. Today, I would like to thank the troops for fighting for our freedom and remember all those we lost in the crashes and overseas. Thank you. You will never be forgotten.

What do you remember about September 11th, 2001?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Top 10 Fall Polish Picks

Here are my Top 10 Fall Polish Picks. I love darker nails in the fall months. Over the years, I have collected some great colors. My favorites for this fall are oranges, maroons, greens, deep blues, and golds.

From left to right: Love & Beauty-Taupe, O.P.I.-On the same Paige, e.l.f.-Purple Pleaser, China Glaze-Gussied Up Green, L.A. Girls-Pewter

From left to right: Icing-Gargoyle, N.Y.C.-Wing It Wine, N.Y.C.-Skin Tight Denim, China Glaze-Platinum Gold, Ulta-Jaded

I buy my nail polish from all sorts of stores like Ulta, Target, and Rite Aid, but my best friend told me about this amazing site that sells China Glaze, Orly, and Color Club for half the price of what you would pay in the stores! The website is 8by8 Beauty Supply! I have bought some of my favorite polish off that website! Just keep in mind, the shipping price is about $7, so buy a lot at once or go in with a friend so you can split the cost of shipping. That's what I do to save a few dollars.
What nail polish colors are you looking forward to rocking this fall?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

OOTD: Lovely in Lace

It is finally starting to feel like fall. The temperature has dropped a few degrees and I have been bringing light jackets and sweaters with me when I go out at night. I have also started mixing some summer pieces with my new fall pieces. Case and point, today's outfit post. I found this amazing lace and polka dot top at TJMaxx. It is perfect for fall. The color will go with everything. I already have a few more outfits planned out with this top.

What I Wore:
Top from TJMaxx $14.99
Shorts from Old Navy $7.99
Turquoise ring (left) from Forever 21
Turquoise ring (right) vintage

Monday, September 5, 2011


I'm sure you wonder why every once in awhile these random pictures are posted on my blog. Well, the answer is I'm a dummy. I love Polyvore. I use it all the time for fun and for my blog posts. But each time I "clip" my own item, the image is automatically sent to my blog. It's very annoying because I always forget (clearly), and I don't know how to prevent that from happening. So, I apologize for the random posts. If anyone knows how to prevent clips from uploading to my blog, let me know por favor. Thanks! I hope you are having a great Labor day! I'm on my break at work right now blogging from my phone (I love technology-sometimes), but I get out at 2 o'clock! Yay! Then my dad and I are going to a family picnic, and my dad is bringing his famous taco salad! It's out of this world good! I can't wait to stuff my face! What are your plans for today?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The September Issues

It's finally here! My favorite month! I have always loved the month of September. Maybe it's because I love Fall with all the beautiful changing leaves. It could also be because I always looked forward to going back to school to see friends I hadn't seen since the year before and learn new things (nerd alert- I like(d) school). As I got older, I started to love September for new reasons. The main one being the September issues of magazines. I love love love flipping through Elle and Vogue and looking at all of the amazing ads for Louis Vuitton, YSL, Dolce & Gabanna, DVF, Chanel, etc. The ads are what make the magazine, in my opinion, but that could just be because I am a Marketing major. I also love seeing the Fall's hottest trends and learning what designers and editors think will be the new trend for the coming year.
I have already raided the magazine shelves for September issues of my favorite magazines. Last night, after searching 3 different store, I completed the trifecta- Elle, Vogue, and InStyle. Tonight, I plan on curling up in my bed with a cup of green tea and diving into pages upon pages of beautiful clothes, women and ads.

Do you indulge in the Septembers issues? Which magazine do you look forward to most?

Friday, September 2, 2011

100 Followers Giveaway!!!

First of all, I want to apologize for being off my game for the past week. I was stuck in New York City until Monday because of Hurricane Irene, and then I started a new job on Tuesday, so things have been a bit hectic.
But last week, I reached over 100 followers (thank you so much!), and I said I would hold another giveaway once I reached 100 followersl. I was planning on doing an E.L.F. giveaway, but I decided I want to do something a little more special. I hope it's okay that I'm changing things up, but I think you will be very excited about this giveaway! I know I am! So, the prize for one lucky winner of my 100 follower giveaway is....drum roll please... a variety of Too Faced products!!!

Too Faced Cosmetics

Too Faced Cosmetics by missmaryelizabeth featuring printed tees

I hope you guys like the new prize! I am so excited to host another giveaway! Okay, so here are the rules, they are a bit different than the last giveaway.

How To Enter:
1. Simply be a follower - just leave a comment telling me you would like to be entered. (1 entry)
2. Tweet about the giveaway. My twitter name is @MaryElizabethS if you want to follow me. Leave a separate comment and link if you do this. (2 entries)
3. Mention this giveaway on your blog with link. Leave a separate comment and link if you decide to do this as well please. (3 entries)

Okay, so there you have it. Three very easy ways to enter. Good luck to everyone who enters, and I can't wait to pick a lucky winner on September 17th (2 weeks from today)! Thank you again for all your support!