Travel Tips: What's In My Carry-On

I'm back!!! Yesterday, I returned home from a week long vacation in Myrtle Beach! That's why I have been lacking in the posts department. But, I'm home now after a great vacation and so excited about all the new posts I have planned! I wanted to publish this post before I left, but my computer is having some problems so I wasn't able to, but better late than never!
I love to travel! Over the years, I have flown on a plane dozens of times, so I would consider myself a pro-traveler. My favorite part about traveling is flying and packing my carry-on.
Here is a look at what I like to bring on the plane with me to stay occupied and ensure some of my things are safe and sound.

What's In My Carry-On

What's In My Carry-On by missmaryelizabeth featuring ray ban shades

I take my favorite large black bag from Forever 21 on the plane because it holds A LOT and is very sturdy. The one pictured above is very similar to my bag. I also bring:
~My iPod
~The latest magazines and whatever book I'm reading (The Help by Kathryn Stockett)
~EOS lip balm. I can't live without this stuff.
~My sunnies.
~Tissues. Just in case. :)
~Gum to help pop my ears.
~A sweater because planes are always a bit cold.
~My makeup case. I bought a new Betseyville case that I love! It's very similar to the one pictured, except mine is purple. Look for an updated What's In My Makeup Bag coming soon!
~My jewelry. I prefer my bring my jewelry and make up on the plane with me so I know it won't be thrown around in cargo. I would probably cry if my jewelry or make up broke. Also, in the rare chance than my luggage was lost, at least I would have my makeup. :)

When you travel, what do you like to bring in your carry-on? Are you going on vacation anytime soon? Where is your favorite vacation spot? Be on the look out for my post about my vacation!It was my first time in Myrtle Beach and I loved it!