"Oh, the Places You'll Go"

On Friday, the weather was beautiful. The sun was out and I could not wait to spend the day wondering the city. I ended up walking around Central Park for hours. It was one of my favorite days ever spent in NYC.
The first stop of my adventure was at Crumbs to pick up some delicious cupcakes. The employees were so cheerful and nice, it made the experience twice as sweet. There were so many flavors to choose from, it took me about 5 minutes to decide. Finally, I opted for a Red Velvet cupcake.

After leaving Crumbs, I walked a few blocks over and made my way into Central Park. I stopped along a busy running trail to snap this photo of the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. The view was spectacular. After looking across the reservoir and day dreaming about one day living in one of those gorgeous building overlooking Central Park, I ventured along the paths to find the Alice in Wonderland statue.

The statue was amazing. I felt like a little girl who believed in magic when I first saw the statue. I found an empty park bench where I just sat and looked at it for a bit. There were a lot of people in the park that day. I could have sat and people watched for hours. There were families and friends all taking pictures on and around the statue. I almost asked someone to take my photo, but instead just waited for the opportune moment to take a picture when no one was on the statue.

I found this bench to sit on for a bit and people watch for a bit more before going to find the Bethesda Terrace. Children were playing with remote controlled sailboats, an older woman on the bench next to me was reading a book, people were having lunch at a little cafe, and I was just enjoying the views. I swear if I lived in the city, I would visit Central Park all the time. It's like a little escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

I sat on the park bench for about a half hour before finally deciding to try and find the fountain. It was actually much closer then I thought it would be. My first thought when I saw the angel sitting atop the fountain was "This is breathtaking." The fountain and everything around it was so serene. I sat on the side of the fountain for a few minutes and took some photos.

This is the view from the top of the stairs. Isn't it so pretty?

The heat was starting to get to me, so I stopped at a concession stand for a bottle of water, threw my hair in a braid to get it off my neck, and went on my way. I didn't really know where I was going, but I ended up walking down The Mall. The Mall in Central Park is the famous area you see in pictures of the a big walkway and a canopy of trees. There were people rollerblading, singing and playing the guitar hoping to earn a bit of money, artists sketching people, and little stands that were selling prints of NYC and other various places. I bought 6 prints for $15. I'll post the prints in tomorrow's blog. :)
After walking around the Mall for a bit, I decided to make my way out of the park. I wanted to do a bit more shopping. I mean, I am in NYC. The first time I ever visited the city, my mom and I found this awesome little shop called Necessary Clothing. The sell really unique pieces for a great price. I found the nearest subway and made my way down to Soho, one of my favorite areas of New York. I found some great things at Necessary Clothing and discovered my new favorite boutique called Mystique Boutique on Broadway. I will do a shopping post tomorrow to show you my findings.
Once I was all shopped out, I hopped back on the subway to head back to Ashely's apartment. But I had to make one more stop. Grand Central Terminal. I walked around, looked at some shops and of course, took a picture. I even made my first MAC purchase at the MAC shop in the terminal! I'm so excited to show you what I picked out!

Once I left Grand Central, I took the subway back to Ashley's apartment. It was about 7 o'clock so it had cooled off a bit and the temperature was perfect. I took my time walking the few blocks back to the apartment, stopping to pick up some fresh blueberries and taking a photo of a little corner store that sells flowers on the sidewalk. If I lived in the city, another thing I would love to do is buy fresh flowers to decorate my apartment.

So, that was my lovely Friday afternoon. It was a perfect, relaxing day spent wandering the park and shopping adorable boutiques.