Shopping Haul!

As promised, here is my shopping haul post! I found so many great pieces for my vacation (I leave in one week!), and pieces that will be great for the fall as well! I have been shopping here and there for a few weeks for clothes to bring on vacation and any other pieces that catch my eye. I purchased a majority of the items from Old Navy and Forever 21 .

{Sheer & lace cami, Marshalls, $14.99}
I love this top. I think it will look so cute over a white tank top and jean shorts. This would also be a perfect cover up for the beach paired with jean shorts.

{Floral Bib Top, $13.50, Forever 21}
The colors and the lace bib make this top perfect for fall. I would pair this with a navy skirt and a cream blazer. But for now, I am wearing it with navy or tan shorts. The material is so light, soft, and flowy. Definitely a great find.

{Butterfly Sleeve Top, $15.80, Forever 21}
I love the pattern on this top. It reminds me of a Monet painting. This top is a bit sheer so I would definitely wear an off white tank top under it. This is another perfect fall piece that would look amazing with olive green skinny pants. I have been trying to find a pair so if you know any stores that carry them let me know!

{Pink & White Stripped Top, $15.80, Forever 21}
The lace on the shoulders is what made me fall in love with this top. At first, I loved the thick pink and white stripes, but then I noticed the lace detail on the shoulders and I was completely sold. I have worn this a few times already. Once with a pair of beige shorts, and another time with olive green shorts that you will see momentarily, but again, I think this top would look great with olive green pants for the fall.

{Rolled-Sleeve Scoop Neck, On sale for $12, Old Navy}
I have a thing for stripes... and neutral tones. I saw this and I had to have it. The material is so soft and I love the way if fits. It's a bit big, but I love the slouchy look. I'm thinking of wearing this on the plane because it's always a bit chilly. I would pair this with my periwinkle shorts from the Gap for a pop of color.

{Summer Fun Short, Forever 21, $14.80}
Love these shorts. The color will be great for those warm September days paired with my beige Keds and the pink and white stripped top.

{Floral Print Shorts, $15.80, Forever 21}
I searched for a long time to find the perfect pair of floral shorts. These are so cute and so light it's like not wearing anything at all, which is perfect on hot summer days. I have already worn these adorable shorts and posted an OOTD here.

{Pleated Trouser Shorts with Belt, On sale for $11, Forever 21}
These shorts are the same soft and light material as the floral ones so I instantly loved them. Plus, they were on sale. These will also be great for warm fall days. I would pair these with the Floral Bib Top. I would tuck in the top and wear my brown t-strap sandals from Forever 21 or my nude peep toe pumps from Payless. For cooler nights, a cream blazer would look great with this outfit.

{Tan Pleated Shorts with tie belt, On sale for $7.99, Old Navy}
I love the tie belt that adds a soft detail. These shorts were a great find and will be great for when I want to dress up a bit, but still be casual at the same time.

{Zip Up Front Skirt, $9.50, Forever 21}
I picked this up because it was such a great deal and a basic piece for any wardrobe. I love the zipper, and it has pockets! I am going to bring this on my trip for when we go out to a nice restaurant. I have the perfect purple ruffle top to go with this skirt for a pop of color.

{Red Paisley Dress, On sale for $12.99, Marshalls}
I love the color and style of this dress. This would be a fun cover up for the beach or just a great dress to wear walking around the board walk and grabbing something to eat. I love how the top and bottom have different patterns. This dress is so flattering on I can't wait to wear it.

{Floral dress, $35, Bebe}
Whenever I go shopping, I am still always taking a peak at the dresses. I love dresses because they are so easy to throw on and just add one or two accessories. I love this dress because of the zipper and the princess cut top. It also has adjustable straps, which is always great. If I had a wedding to go to, this would be the perfect dress. But nice restaurant is another perfect place to wear this peach and red flower dress.

Wow, what a haul! I can't believe how many things I found and for such great prices too! What are your favorite pieces? Have you found any great deals on your shopping trips?