Beautiful Braids

One of my favorite hair styles for this summer are braids. The standard braid, the French braid, the Fishtail braid, mini braids, etc. I love all the different looks you can achieve by adding a braid in your hair. I was recently watching one of my favorite beauty guru's on Youtube, Meganheartsmakeup, and she had the cutest, simplest little side braid ever. She has the best hair! Love it!

Celebs has also been rocking the braids this summer. Here are some of my favorite celebs sporting braids that can dress up or dress down any outfit.

I love Rachel Bilson's bohemian vibe that is complemented by the mini braids. This is one of my favorite looks. The braids add a fun and feminine feel.

Ashley Tisdale's fishtail braid adds an elegant feel to her look and allows the attention to be brought to her beautiful turquoise necklace.

Similar to Rachel Bilson's look, Blake Lively also effortlessly pulls of the feminine, fun mini braids for a casual beachy hair style. I like that she has multiple mini braids randomly placed and left to hang naturally with her wavy hair.

Nicole Richie dressed up her look with thicker braids pulled back into a messy bun. This look is perfect for going out. I would wear this hair style with a spaghetti strap or strapless dress to show off my shoulders and summer glow.

And this is how I like to wear my hair on most days. Pulled back into a loose braid with a few pieces of hair framing my face.

What is your favorite summer hair trend? Are you a fan of the braid craze that was erupted this year?