Bandeau Babe

I finally found, not just one, but TWO bathing suits that I love! On a random day after work, I decided to go check out some stores to see if I could find a bathing suit that I liked. When it comes to bathing suits I am very picky. They must meet a few criteria. The top has to be supportive and have good coverage. For the bottom, I prefer a bit more fabric on the sides (aka not a string bikini). I still cannot believe I found two bathing suits! I have worn the same old ratty bikini for years! It was a simple black string bikini with gold hardware. It was good to me and it lived a good life, but it was definitely time to retire it. Plus, I am going to Myrtle Beach in less than a month (picture me jumping and clapping) so I needed to step up in the bathing suit department.

I found this amazing suit on sale at Target. The top was on sale for $14, and the bottom was reduced to $17. I cannot get enough of this suit! I already broke it in earlier this week when my girlfriend and I went to the beach on Tuesday. I love love love it! The top is gorgeous! The pattern is unique and fits in with the tribal vibe I have been adoring this summer. And for a bandeau top, it is surprisingly supportive. It ties in the back so I can tie it tight, and it comes with a removable strap that I wear when walking around just for safety precautions. The bottom does not actually go with the top, but who would know? I could not find the matching bottom, but I am completely okay with that because I want to the top to be the focal point. I think mix-matched suits are in this summer anyway. I think a black bottom would look cute, as well as a purple, and then it would be like having three more bathing suits! Plus, if I did have a matching bottom I think the suit would be too loud, if you know what I mean? This bikini bottom is the most comfortable fabric I have ever worn. It is such a smooth material. Overall, I am completely thrilled to add this suit to my summer wardrobe.

This second suit I found at Old Navy. Each piece was originally $19.50, but the suits were on sale for 30% off, so I paid for around $13 for the top and the bottom! A bathing suit under $30, yes please! Whenever I would go bathing suit shopping in the past, I was always drawn to black suits. They are classic and look great on anyone, but I have had a black bathing suit for so long that when I would catch myself reaching for black I would slap my hand. This bathing suit offers the best of both worlds. It is black and white and has a great pattern. I also really like the gold accents. I think it makes the suit look high end, but little will people know I got this suit for a steal!

What do you think of these suits? What do your bathing suits look like and what is your favorite style when it comes to suits? I think the bandeau style is so cute and I always wanted a bathing suit in that cut, but I was never sure of I could pull it off. These suits have definitely proved me wrong. They are supportive, offer great coverage and were a bargain! I am off to spend the day lounging in my friends pool! I can't wait to show her my new suit! Now I just have to decide which one to wear! Decisions, decisions...