That Little Pink Bag

Last Thursday, my girlfriend Molly and I were going to spend the evening at a free outdoor concert, but the weather didn't hold up, so we ventured to the mall so she could get her phone looked at. While we were there, I wandered for a bit, and then I hit the holy grail. Well, at least one of many. :) Victoria's Secret is having their semi-annual sale!!! I looked at a few bra's that were a great deal, but I didn't fall in love with anything so I made my way over to the beauty and fragrance section. I love so many of their fragrances, it's ridiculous. I decided to not purchase any more since I have quite a few I haven't even used much of yet. Then something caught my eye. Baskets full of makeup marked 75% off. I had found the jackpot. Besides, the Beauty Rush lipgloss, I had never tried VS makeup. I thoroughly searched those baskets to make sure not to miss anything. The mark downs were so incredible. I was in bargain heaven. I ended up purchasing 3 Beauty Rush lipsticks, each for $1.75 and a concealer for $4.25!

{Cutie Pie, Clementini, Grape Fruity}
I love the packaging of their lipsticks. I like that the tub is see though so you can easily reach for the color without having to open to top or even read the name. They also all smell delicious and taste yummy too! I love when lip products have a hint of flavor so when you lick your lips you don't get a bad taste in your mouth.

{Grape Fruity, Clementini, Cutie Pie}
Here are some swatches of the lipsticks I picked up. They are so bright and the colors show up beautifully on. Clementini and Grape Fruity are pretty similar in color, but Grape Fruity is a lighter pink with a hint of orange and a lot of sparkle. My favorite so far has been Cutie Pie.

I'm usually very particular about my concealer, but this one is oil-free, which is always a top priority, and it was a great deal, so I figured I would give it a try. It was originally $17, but on sale for only $4.25! Plus, I was running low on my everyday concealer, and was in need of a darker one because my skin gets so tan in the summer. I got this concealer in Deep 10. I have already used it twice and I love the coverage. It is a tad dark for now, but when I put my foundation on it blends right in.

Have you checked out the VS Semi-Annual sale? Are you a fan of their beauty products?