Soaking Up the Sun

Like many people I know who are from my city, Summer is a season that is loved and anxiously awaited. It snows for far too many months around my parts. For about two weeks now, the weather has been gorgeous. Sunny, hot and just plain beautiful. I love to do any kind of outdoor activity whenever Mother Nature allows. One of my favorite activities for the past few days has been reading on my back patio. I will get so drawn into my book and just sit there for hours reading, only getting up to take an occasional water and food break.
When the weather is exceptionally nice, I love going to the beach or hanging out at a friend's house that has a pool. My best friend is home from school for the Summer, and for the past few days we have been floating for hours in her pool. It's the best of both worlds. I can soak up the sun and enjoy the heat, while dipping my feet over the raft and occasionally splash water on myself to cool down. It is so nice and relaxing. The other day I was so relaxed, I feel asleep for about a half hour on my raft! Safe- probably not, but it was a great little cat nap.
Now, on to the important stuff. I love being in the sun and take advantage of every outdoor opportunity I have, and because of that my skin gets a lot of sun time. Luckily, due to my Italian heritage, my skin can handle the sun, and instead of turning into a lobster, I will get a beautiful tan. At my young age, getting a tan is sort of like a Summer hobby, but I also have to remember that sun exposure can destroy skin cells and will eventually leave my skin looking leathery and wrinkly at a premature age. I do not want that. While, I love my Summer glow, I can get it in a safe and skin friendly way.
Knowing that the weather is only going to get hotter and I would be spending a lot of time outside, I decided to run to Target the other night to stock up on sun screen. My main goal was to pick up sun screen specifically for my face. My nose and cheeks always burn so I wanted to find an oil-free sun screen that would protect me from the harmful sun rays and keep my skin from breaking out. I found a great product that I will probably buy for years to come.
{Target Brand SPF 30 Ultra Suncreen, $4.94 & Aveeno Face SunBlock in SPF 30, $9.85}
For under $5, you can get over 13 oz of sunscreen. That's a great deal. Plus, its water resistant and provides UVA and UVB protection. The Aveeno Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion is a bit pricier, but its Aveeno, so to me, its worth it. It is also water resistant, provides UVA and UVB protection, and is oil-free. And as a added bonus (and because Aveeno is amazing), it contains natural soy and vitamins A, C and E.

{Banana Boat Aloe After Sun Lotion, $4.99 and Jergens Soothing Aloe Relief, $5}
Protecting your skin after you've been in the sun is just as important as protecting it while you're in the sun. I always apply lotion after a long day outside at least twice, if not more. Not only will the products above keep you're skin moist, which will prevent dry skin and itchiness, it will help keep that golden tan or sooth a sunburn. I tend to use the Banana Boat right after coming in from the sun because it is a thick lotion and because that is it's main purpose, to be applied after being in the sun. If you get a bad sunburn, you can put this lotion is the refrigerator that way when you go to apply it, the lotion will be nice and cool and feel great on that suborn sunburn. After I shower and before bed, I like to use Jergens. It's a lighter lotion and good for everyday use. It also unscented but does have a subtle fresh scent, which is great because after I shower or before I hop into bed I don't want to smother a scented lotion all over me, I'd much rather have a fresh, clean smell.

{Sunglasses, Charlotte Russe, $7.50}
Aside from protecting your skin, it is also very important to protect your eyes. Sun exposure can also deteriorate your eyes. Wearing sunglasses will protect that sensitive skin around your eyes that you don't always put sunscreen on due to fear of getting it in your eyes. I have done that before, and boy does it sting! I love wearing sunglasses, this Summer alone I have already bought two pairs and have my eye (No pun intended) on a least two more pairs. They are a great way to protect your eyes from damage and stay stylish at the beach or pool.

What is you're go to sunscreen in the Summer? Do you have sensitive skin or does it bronze easily like mine?