Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rachel Bilson: Summer Look for Less

I have loved Rachel Bilson ever since Season 1 of The O.C.! She is so adorable and incredibly stylish! I love her laid-back classic, chic style. She is definitely one of my style icons. I saw this picture of her and was instantly inspired. This look would be a perfect look for a summer night. I can see myself wearing this out on a date or just hanging out with my girlfriends. I was able to find similar pieces for a great price!

What do you think of my interpretation? My favorite item is the wedges. They are so cute! What is your favorite piece? I added in the feather extensions for a little extra fun. I'm still not sold on getting them for myself, but my friend tried it out and it looks cute on her. What do you think of feather extensions?

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*I created this outfit on Polyvore. It is such a fun site! Check it out!


Arianne Cruz said...

that is so cute!!!
i want a stylist lol

California Dreams said...

I like it! :D

lrnshelby said...

Hey! I know Superficial Sanctuary awarded you the "Best Blog" award as well. However, your blog is hands down one of my favorites and I wanted to pass the award on to you too. Keep up the great work :)!