Thursday, June 16, 2011

OOTD: In Fields of Green

Last night, my good friend and I went out to dinner at my favorite Summer spot, Taffy's, and afterward we took advantage of the gorgeous weather by going for a walk along the river. It was so peaceful. Families were going for walks and fishing. People were running and taking there dogs for walks. Erin and I just walked around and chatted. I took a few pictures of the lake and then a little light bulb went off. Since I have some one else with me who can also take pictures, I should do a little photo shoot. I had thrown this outfit on earlier in the day before I went out to do a few errands. I was originally going to keep the shirt untucked and just fly out the door, but I decided to see how it would looked tucked in. Needless to say, I loved it and put on my new skinny black belt to tie the outfit together. It's amazing the difference a belt can make. This look is a simple day look with a splash of class. The belt and gladiator sandals definitely give it a little boost from casual to classy.

What I am wearing:
Old Navy sunglasses
Forever 21 Scoop Neck Top
Gap Shorts
Forever 21 Black Skinny Belt
Cole Haan Air Veneta Gladiator Sandals
H&M Messenger Bag


Lizzy said...

I love your outfit! I agree, adding a belt can really change an outfit. Those pictures are reallu cute and the river looks so peaceful. (:

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Alina said...

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Candice said...

thats such a cool outfit, i love how its so laid back and chill.

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Andrea said...

Ooooh I like it a lot! :)

MaryElizabeth said...

Thank you all so much! :)