Beachin' It

I was finally able to go to the beach! Yesterday, I had the day off from work and the weather was incredible, so my girlfriend and I decided to beach it! I love love love going to the beach! Whenever I hit the sand there are a few essential items I always bring and then some, just in case. My beach bag is always filled to the brim with goodies and must-haves. So, let's take a look!

I have had this beach bag for years. I bought it from Target for about $20. I love that it is made of plastic. It is easy to clean and very sturdy . Although this bag has been ol' faithful for quite a few years now, I have had my eyes on new bag, such as these cute Straw Totes at Target. (Click here and here)

Now let's get into what's in my beach bag!

~ An over sized beach towel. Check out this fun one!
~ A good book. I just started reading Little Pink Slips and so far I like it!
~ An iPod or mp3 player full of your favorite songs.
~ Chapstick with SPF. I love the Nivea Lip Care with a Kiss of Honey & Milk.
~ Sunscreen, sunglasses, and tanning oil. Check out my post on Sun protection.
~ Ibuprofen. Just in case a stubborn headache pops up.
~Eye Drops. Irritated eyes can ruin your whole day.
~ A comb. My hair is easily tangled so I like it bring one to avoid horrible knots.
~ Magazines. That's a given. :)
~ Face cream. You don't want your face to dry out from the sun and sand.

I can't wait to hit the beach again! What do you pack in your beach bag? Look for a post about Beach Snacks! It should be up tomorrow! And don't forget to enter My First Giveaway! Link in the sidebar!