Subtly Friece and Always Sweet

I do not consider my style edgy or rocker. It's not that I don't like that style, I just don't think I could pull it off. I prefer florals and pastels, but every once in a while I like to venture to the 'dark side', if you will. I will paint my nails a deep color, such as one of my favorite OPI colors, Midnight in Moscow, or wear a piece of jewelry that's a bit edgier. Whatever it may be, it's always small.
My girlfriend Molly and I hit up the mall the other day, and lucky for my bank account, not too many things caught my eye that day. However, when it comes to the accessory section in Charlotte Russe, I am weak. They always have great earrings, rings, and necklaces. Plus, 2 items for $8.00 is a great deal. Charlotte Russe understands the importance of combining a great pair of earrings with that to-die-for ring. Unfortunately, that day the only item that really jumped out at me was a gold snake ring. I love the soft cures of the snake's gold body. I think the ring is fierce, but not to in your face. It is definitely a "exotic" addition to my jewelry collection. I love it and have already worn it!
I also picked up what is now my new favorite summer polish. I told you I have an obsession. It is a bright coral color. In the picture below, it looks pink, but if you go to the second picture, you can see it's true color. The polish was $3.50 and if you bought one, the other was half off. I got the gorgeous coral, and Molly picked out a classic red. I love both items and paired together they are even better!

What do you think of pairing something fierce with sweet? Do you like to mix and match opposite trends?
Let me know in a comment below! Have a great day!