Sparkle and Shine

I have a fairly new obsession with nail polish. Every time I am in a drug store, I always find myself browsing the polishes. I have collected an assortment of colors over the past few months, and I love every one of them. The two colors below were both purchased at Forever 21. I bought a polish or two from Forever 21 and was very pleased with all my purchases. I talk about some of my purchases in the past few months here. Up until the other day, my nails have been bare. In the past, this would not bother me or be thought of as odd, but due to my recent obsession, bare nails drive me crazy. I decided I wanted to be playful and fun with my nails. Spring is in the air so I wanted a color that was vibrant and cheerful, but I also wanted to add some pizazz. So, what is better than glitter to put a little sparkle and shine in your life.

{L.A. Flare, Magenta (left) and Love & Beauty, Glamorous Glitter (right); Forever 21, $2.80}

I love the bright Magenta polish on its own, but by adding the Glamorous Glitter over top takes it to a whole new level. I am not a big "glitter girl," but subtle glam here and there is always fun. I am loving this color combo and will probably add glitter over top some of my other Spring polishes.
What are your favorite Spring and Summer colors? Are you a fan of glitter nail polish?