FREE Album Download by The Rocket Summer!

I love Twitter! I learn so much from news stations, celebrities up and coming projects, fashion tips and sales, etc. The other day I discovered that one of my favorite bands, The Rocket Summer, has a free download of his acoustic album! I was so excited!!! You can download it here! If you have never heard of this band, definitely check it out! Amazing! The lead singer, song writer, and producer's name is Bryce Avery and he is a on man band! So much talent! My favorite songs are Save, So Much Love, Walls and Brat Pack! I love all of his songs, but those are my favorite!

Definitely, check him out and for a free album why not! Plus, it's a live concert that the songs were recorded from, and I have grown to love live albums, you really feel like you are there! Also, follow him and me on twitter!

I am not affiliated with The Rocket Summer, just a huge fan!!!