Across the Border

A few weeks ago, my friend and I went on a little adventure to Canada to shop at the nearest H&M. Unfortunately, there is not an H&M in any of our local malls at the moment, but come this summer, one will be opening in the largest mall in my area! But we couldn't wait that long so we decided to head up to Canada. Once we got to the border, it was only a 20 minute drive to the mall in St. Catherine's, and we were shopping in no time!
My main shopping goal for this trip was to find cute summer dresses. But as luck would have it, whenever you are looking for something, you can never find it. I tried on a few dresses, but I didn't care for any of them. Instead I came home with a great pair of jean shorts, a classic button down, a bag I adore, and a simple belt. I am waiting for a bit warmer weather to wear the clothing items since Mother Nature has decided it should still be 40 and rainy in mid-April, but I am very excited to wear the shorts and shirt together to separately.

{Boyfriend button down in light pink, $14.95}

{Cuffed jean shorts, $24.95}

{Messenger bag, $29.95}

{Skinny belt, $6.95}

{Ardene scarves, 2 for $15}

After spending about two hours combing through every single rack at H&M, we walked around the rest of the mall and stumbled upon a great accessory store called Ardene. They had tons of cute flats and amazing scarves in every color and pattern. I had a hard time picking just two, but I love the ones I did pick. Clearly, I have a thing for floral. I can't wait to go back to H&M and Ardene again to do some more shopping! Hopefully I will find some great dresses next time! I'll keep you posted! :)