It's my birthday!

Happy birthday to me! Today, I am twenty-two! Ahhhhhh! I feel so old! Something about twenty-two sounds so much older than twenty-one, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.
This year I wasn't really excited about my birthday, and I didn't even have any birthday plans until last night. I am going to Duff's with a bunch of friends for drinks, chicken wings, and to watch the Sabres game! Its nothing fancy, but its the perfect way to spend the day! I loved waking up to texts and tweets and Facebook messages all wishing me a happy birthday. I feel so loved! And a major bonus is that the weather today is beautiful! The snow is gone and I can see green grass! That is honestly all I wanted for my birthday and I'm so happy my wish came true! Thank you Mother Nature!
Even though I cringe when I tell people I'm turning twenty-two, it is exciting to be getting older and knowing that I'm getting closer to finishing school, beginning my journey to find my career, and getting further into adulthood. As much as that idea can be scary and overwhelming, I have a wonderful family and incredible friends that I can count on to help me though anything! They have been by my side for twenty-two years and I know they will be here for the next twenty-two years and beyond! :)
Well, I'm off to write a quick paper on Karl Marx- very exciting birthday stuff! Then I have class, and afterwards I'm finally celebrating!
Hope you have a great day! I know I will!