NYC: Day Three

Day three activities started as soon as day two ended. When Ashley and I got back to the apartment after having dinner at the Shake Shack, we relaxed for a bit before getting ready to go out. Around midnight we ventured over a bar called The Turtle Bay. It was a really fun place. There was great music playing and everyone was dancing and having a great time. We meet up with one of Ashley's friends form school, had a drink, and then headed out to another bar.
After, what seemed like a very long taxi ride, we finally made it to Lair, and that's when the fun really began. Ashley and her girlfriend have become good friends with Keith Collins, an up and coming actor, and he invited us all out. When we got to Lair, we had to check in with the bouncer because Keith was in the VIP area. Pretty snazzy stuff. Once inside, we made out way over to where Keith was, introductions were made, and drinks were served. Keith was incredibly nice and down to earth. The girls and I didn't pay for a thing the entire night and our glasses were never empty. The whole evening was pretty surreal. Besides meeting Keith, I was also introduced to his good friend Ibe (pronounced Abe), who may or may not be in the NBA. I never got the full story, but he definitely plays basketball. He and I hit it off very well, and after talking for a bit I found out he is from Depew, NY! What a small world.
The girls and I danced, mingled, and sang along to all the great songs that were played all night, with a few breaks hear and there to catch our breath. By 3am, the evening was starting to wind down. Everyone was getting pretty tired and people started going their separate ways. The girls and I headed home as well.
After getting about 8 hours of beauty sleep, I was still very out of it. We all were for that matter. So instead of going out and wandering the city, we decided to stay in and relax for the day. We blew up Emily's guest mattress and turned their living room into a home theater room. There were blankets and pillows everywhere. It was fantastic. We lounged around, ordered in the best pizza I have ever had in my life, and watched movies all day.
One of mine and Ashley's favorite movies of all time is Avatar, so, of course, we had to watch that. I think I have seen that movie about ten times, and every time I watch it, I love it even more. After Avatar was over, we decided to to pop in Going the Distance with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. It was a really cute movie. And I just love Justin Long, so any movie he is in I know I am going to love. By the time that movie was over it was probably one in the morning, which is prime time for Ashley. She is a night owl like no one I have ever meet before. I was wide awake too, which is rare for me at that late hour, but the combination of sleeping in late and not doing anything all day, I just wasn't ready for bed. So the two of us just stayed up and chatted until about 4am before finally calling it a night.
Although we never even left Ashley's apartment, that was one of my favorite days in NYC. Before Ashley left to go back to school in NY, we were always hanging out in her room at our apartment watching our favorite TV shows and movies. It was nice to be able to do that again. One thing about myself that I hope never changes, is that I don't have to be doing something extravagant to have a good time. A majority of the time, the best memories and activities are the ones where you are just spending time with the people you care about. So even though day three in the big city will probably be the most uninteresting to read about, it is definitely one of my fondest memories of visiting Ashley. :)