NYC: Day One

The wait is over! I'm finally here! I am in New York City! Everything went smoothly from boarding to landing to taking the shuttle to Ashley's apartment. I landed at 10:34am, right on time, and even before I was landing I couldn't stop smiling, but the grin on my face as I walked up the stairs to Ash's apartment would outdo that of any child on Christmas morning.
Unfortunately, Ashley was not home when I arrived because she was working Robert Verdi's show for Fashion Week (Amazing, I know!), but her roommate, Emily, was home to welcome me. We chatted for a bit and I got settled in. After an hour or so, I realized I hadn't eaten all day so Emily and I headed down a few blocks to this little deli where I got the most amazing turkey on plain bagel sandwich I have honestly ever had. Just walking those few blocks in the city made me so happy. The sun was shining, the sky was so blue and it was so warm I only had to wear a light jacket. After devouring my delicious sandwich, I laid down for a bit with Ollie, Ashley's adorable puppy, until Ash got home.

When Ash got home around 5 o'clock there was hugging, laughing, chatting. It was like I had seen her jut a few hours ago. We talked about what we are gonna do for the next few days and I am beyond excited! I wanted to take Ash out to dinner to kick off this great adventure. We decided on Mexican and Ash knew this great placed called Blockheads. What a name, right? Too funny. This restaurant was tiny and people were packed in. That's always a good sign! It was so crowded the girls and I shared a table with another party. The atmosphere was so upbeat and there were tons of colorful decorations hanging from the ceiling. The margaritas were strong and delicious, the guac was incredible, and my tacos were spicy. All in all, great choice. By the end of the meal, I was so full I couldn't even finish all of my second taco, plus I had to save room for dessert at Pinkberry. :)

A few doors down was Pinkberry and it was decided even before we walked into Blockheads we were going there for dessert. I have never been to Pinkberry because we only have Yogen Fruz back in Buffalo, so I was pretty excited. I love frozen yogurt, maybe even more than ice cream.

The atmosphere was so fun and cute. The people were very friendly. The floor was pebbled and the chairs were more like fun pieces of art. I love everything about Pinkberry, and I'm positive I will be going there at least one (or three) more times during my stay. Once we polished off every last bit of our dessert we headed back to the apartment to figure out our game plan for the next few days and watch The Vampire Diaries. Ashley and I are obsessed with that show and we have not been able to watch it together since last season, so it needed to happen. :)
It goes without saying that my first day in NYC was perfect, just like I knew it would be. I am so excited for tomorrow. It is going to be another great day!