NYC: Day Five & Six

Day 5 of my trip was another fun day of shopping! This time Ashley and I went to Union Square, which is one of my favorite places in New York. I wanted to check out the Forever 21 because it is one of my all-time favorite stores! Another place I wanted to check out in Union Square was Nordstrom Rack. It sells items from Nordstrom and at reduced prices! I was still on the hunt for dresses, but I had not luck in that department. But I did find some cute tops for a great price.

{Pink Cropped Top. $14.99}
I love this top. The soft pink color, detailing on the sleeve, and loose fit gives it a romantic feel. It falls right to the top of my jeans, while the back is a bit longer. I really like tops like that.

{White Sheer top, $4.87- originally $19.99}
This top looks pink in this picture, but it actually white. You can see the color a bit better in the picture below. I haven't quite figured out how I would wear this. Maybe with an off white tank top underneath tucked into jeans with an breaded brown belt and flats? I will have to experiment for sure. This top also has the sleeve detail, which I love because lace is very in, but it is subtle. I think lace is great, but in small doses and definitely paired with other fabrics.

Here is the close up of the sleeve. I love this part of the shirt. And the sleeves are a tad puffy, which is just plain fun and flirty. And did I mention I got a great deal on this top! It was 75% off! I love a good deal!

{Black dress, $19.80}
I also did great at Forever 21! They had a bunch of cute dresses that I tried on, but none of them wowed me. I was looking for a dress with more color to it for Spring, but when I saw this dress I feel in love with the beading. And then I tried it on... and I had to have it. Plus, it has pockets and I love a dress with pockets, especially when they are not noticeable. I didn't even see the pockets until I had the dress on.

Here is a close up of the beading. Love! I was thinking this would look great with the blazer I picked up from H&M with sheer tights and my favorite black boots! I love planning out outfits! :)

{Mesopotamia Shirt, $10.80}
I am in love with this skirt. I wore it home on the plane and at least twice since being home. I get so many compliments on it because of the great pattern and vibrant colors. It is so comfortable and looks great with a coral top or a black top. I picked up one of each while at Forever 21 for $3.50 a piece! I wore this with tights and my black boots. Chic would be the perfect word to sum up this look, if I do say so myself.

After a long day of shopping Ashley and I were pooped and very hungry. We got home just in time for the start of our favorite show, Gossip Girl. We ordered pizza from my favorite pizza place in NYC called Dreamer's Pizza. (What a name, right?!) We cozzied up in Ashley's big bed, devoured pizza and watched Blair and Serena. This is going to sound cheesy, but watching GG in the city made it more exciting! We watched TV until about 4am before finally going to sleep.
The next day Ashley had class and I had a plane to catch. Saying goodbye was rough. I hate goodbyes. Luckily, Ashley was on here way home for Spring Break in just a few short weeks so it wasn't too horrible of a goodbye, but it stung nonetheless. I packed up my clothes and off I went to the LaGuardia airport.
Although, I was very sad to leave and watching NYC get smaller in the distance as the plane took off broke my heart a little bit, I know I will be back to visit Ashley and that wonderful city very soon! I had an incredible 5 days in the city with one of my best friends and I cannot wait to go back! Hopefully, when the weather is a bit nicer. I would love to wonder the streets and the glorious paths of Central Park in the summer.