Things I'm Lusting For

Every so often I will come across something that I just have to have. I will see it on someone else, in a store or in a magazine and I fall in love. This can either be a great thing or a curse. It's a great thing because I know it will be a perfect asset to my wardrobe, and a curve when I cannot find it anywhere. Here are some things I have been lusting for lately.

A Structured Bag.
I have seen this style bag a few times in the past week or so and at first I thought it was too boxy. But then I stumbled across a bag that was structured, but not too sharp. A Chanel bag is a perfect example of the size and style I would like to find. (I would buy this exact bag, if only I could afford it. Someday.) I would love it in a nude or very pale pink or, of course, black.
A Flapper Hat.
I saw the cutest outfit that was polished off with a fun leopard print flapper hat. It was a perfect addition to the ensemble. I don't know if I could pull it off. I don't often wear hats, but I have been trying to add them into the mix. My favorite style hat is the floppy beret. I have three, but I have such a hard time getting them to stay on my head. So, something like a flapper hat would be perfect if it suits me because I wouldn't have to worry about it falling off. I found this one on the Forever 21 website for only $14.80, and I want to purchase it but I would must rather go into the store and see if they carry it to save on shipping and handling. Plus, I have this problem where I have to try things on before I buy them. So lucky for me and my wallet, I rarely shop online.

A Red Lipstick.
A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I went out for drinks and got a little dressed up just because. We were getting ready at her place and while I was waiting for her to finish up I was looking through her make up and found this bright red lipstick and the limited edition MAC Lady Gaga lipstick. I had been wanting to try out a deep red lip for sometime and she told me to try hers out. It was my first time ever trying MAC and I was hesitant to try a lipstick. I've always been more a lip gloss girl. I find lipsticks to be chalky and dry. I was shocked at how creamy and moisturized my lips felt! I was sold. I will definitely be going to the MAC counter at my local Macy's. Normally, I would never spend $15 on a lipstick, but I am so in love with this product I will only ever buy my lipstick from MAC.
A Nude Lip Gloss.
Another makeup trend I have been wanting to try out is the nude lip. Whenever I get ready I rarely ever put lipgloss on because I feel like it's too much, but that is probably because I don't have the right color. A nude lip would not make me look overdone and add a hint of color and shine. This Revlon lipgloss in Nude Lustre 040 looks a bit dark here, but when I saw it in an ad, it looked perfect. I'm thinking of going to my local Ulta today and picking one up!

What have you been lusting for lately?
Leave a comment below! I would love to hear what you've been dying to get your hands on! And subscribe if you like what you see :) Hope you have a great day!